Another Leaked Photos Of Xander Ford: Real Or Fake?

Leaked Photos Of Xander Ford: Real Or Fake?

Former Hasht5 lead man, Marlou Arizala, made a noise around the social media weeks ago because of Star Image's posted a picture of him before under going plastic surgery.

Different people around the social media took a wild guest of the out come of his surgery. Some people made fun of him, while some did a better job editing their pictures. Additionally, Marlou Arizala made an announcement that "Marlou is dead" and his new name is Xander Ford.

Last week, a fake picture of Marlou Arizala went viral after a netizen posted it online and claiming that he personally saw Marlou. Marlou immediately denies and said that it was fake.

But tonight, another facebook post is now going viral after an alleged picture of him were posted by a netizen. A series of screenshots where "Xander Ford" was seen.

According to Daniel dela Cruz, who posted the pictures on social media:

Hintay kayo ng hintay sa mukha ni Marlou? Oh ayan ito na yung totoong mukha nya! Ngayon nyo siya laitinπŸ‘ŒπŸ» Worth it ang pagpaparetoke nya nakatulong at in fairness sa gumawa sayo ah MAGALING πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ» R.I.P Marlou welcome Xander Ford 😎#SpreadtheGoodvibesRepost OnlyCredit to the owner

According to Xander Ford aka Marlou Arizala, those pictures are fake and he still recovering from the wounds he got from the surgery.

He posted his video earlier this day proving that his face is still swollen.

And he will post the result of his surgery on his personal instagram account.

Star Image Artist Management also denies the leaked photos of Xander Ford and and he will be first seen on Rated K. Adding that Xander Ford does not use lipstick

See the viral leaked photos below:

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