Kris Aquino Fires Back At Netizen Who Insinuates Her As A "Clueless And Selfish" Employer.

Kris Aquino Fires Back At Netizen Who Insinuates Her As A "Clueless And Selfish" Employer.

Queen of All Media, Kris Aquino once again in the spotlight of social media issues as she did not hold her words when she replied to a netizen questioning if she' paying her household staff well when travelling outside our country.

"We had our yummy Pinoy brunch... Bincai & @bcloma who’s here now (jetsetter talaga he came from London & Paris, went back to Manila for 2 days & now he’s in NYC then he’ll fly to California) are packing 2 of our LBC boxes... It’s obvious that this mama & 2 sons are pretty much Apple gadget obsessed- so excited to go home because @pldthome will install their new upgraded whole home wifi system that will make the most of our Fibr plan. The 2 wanted to unbox their Apple purchases from yesterday but i said could we please wait til we got home because our wifi speed there is much faster than at our hotel. Thank God my 2 are still super obedient. P.S. Thank you @livesmart, @nix722 told me you were sending us the iPhone 8 while we wait for the iPhone X- my 2 made me so proud, Bimb said to please tell Tito Nicko to thank Smart but it is okay- they’ll wait for the X and they didn’t want the Smart bosses to waste their money by giving us 2 new phones... Thank You God because as a Mom, i seem to be doing okay. ❤️💛💚💙💜💝❣️"

While Kris Aquino, her fans and followers were happy chitchatting on commentbox on her Instagram account. This netizen @mar_le_di IG name drop what seems to be a malicious question

"@krisaquino Bincai is your household staff. Do you pay her at least $10.50/ hr- which is the minimum wage in NYC. Per labor law beyond 40 hrs is time and a half. My Q is not even whether you can afford, but of course you can. My question is are you required to abide. #curious&nosy"

Kris felt insulted by the netizen's comment:

"I saw those papers when we applied for her US Visa, fyi her 10 year multiple entry visa is attached to mine & i am her guarantor... I’m a very fair boss & i’m feeling negativity from you so this will be long: Bincai flew business class w/ us, i gave her a clothing allowance before we flew here so she’d be prepared for the cold & i gave her a lot of my sweaters because lucky for her we are the same size... upon arriving here, Bincai had the $ salary as stipulated in the contract i signed w/ her to present to the US Embassy as a supporting document. I am offended by your question because there is an implication that is intended to make me appear like a clueless & selfish employer-so i shall add more details- staff at home received their 13th month pay in June, we deposit in their ATM accounts salary every 10th- but because my sons & i left, everybody received their salary 10 days in advance. Those working for us for 1 year or more will receive their 14th month pay this November. Your insinuations were insulting BUT i’ve always believed when the truth is on my side i should be vocal in defending my dignity... Being nosy about other people’s financial practices in my opinion isn’t proper especially when you just want to bring me down. I was also nosy & checked your account although it is on private but there were details- for someone who is a clinical coordinator in Yale New Haven Health the type of comment you sent my way seemed to be a bad match for someone in a position that requires trust & discretion."

Netizen @jsjnathan defended Kris right away and explained to @mar_le_di

"@mar_le_di I don't know what you're trying to imply here, but no, Kris isn't required to abide by those laws. B1 visa is probably what Bincai has, and she is here on a temporary vacation with Kris and will get paid in the Philippines. If, however, Bincai decides to work temporarily for a US employer then that's the time that those wage requirements have to be met."

Kris Aquino was thankful for this netizen and want to befriend him.

"@jsjnathan Thank you for your defense but i abided by the guidelines set by the US Embassy, as well as the UK Embassy when we applied for a visa for Bincai... i stopped myself from being b*tchy regardless of what was being insinuated- because i just had to stick to the facts. Bincai has traveled all over Asia w/ us, she’s been to Europe 2X, Israel, UAE, and she has been to the US quite often. The Immigration Officer when we were having our passports & visas checked after doing the machine scan actually commented that our 4 passports all felt like mini books w/ how thick they were & i explained that some of our older passports had multiple entry visas to different countries so we needed to keep them all attached. You are a logical, no nonsense person basing it from your post & i’d like to befriend you. 😇"

Kris added "Because there have been too many falsehoods spread about my family & me- so while i have this platform & the truth is on my side, i shall choose to stand my ground. By keeping quiet- the fake news purveyors will win. 👓"


"@krisaquino One thing I learned in life is that only your truth matters. You'll eventually get tired pleasing everyone's expectations but there will never be enough and it is at the expense of your own happiness. It is unfortunate that when we see others thrive, we tend to focus on whatever flaw we could find instead of what got them to their path to success. And yes, silence isn't always what being noble requires; when you're given the power and the platform to affect other people, use your voice to not just educate but also criticize what is clearly wrong and a defamation of your character. Both of your parents clearly demonstrated that one can still be a compelling force in spite of having a meek and mild personality. I am currently dealing with a chronic illness and no matter how difficult this journey has become, the one thing I'm proud about is knowing who truly cares about me when all that I have to offer is myself. Consider these new challenges in your life as a blessing and a rebirth--it is a gift that allows you to see who among the people that surround you truly matters. Thank you for befriending me, and keep the faith! God has new plans for you, so keep your positive spirit alive.🙏🏼"

Kris Aquino Fires Back At Netizen Who Insinuates Her As A "Clueless And Selfish" Employer.  Kris Aquino Fires Back At Netizen Who Insinuates Her As A "Clueless And Selfish" Employer. Reviewed by Tunying on November 09, 2017 Rating: 5

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