"Love Never Fails. When It Does, It Is Not Love". Read This Viral Post Of A Couple Who Conquered Everything For Love.

"Love Never Fails. When It Does, It Is Not Love". Read This Viral Post Of A Couple Who Conquered Everything For Love.

Finding your one true love is one of the hardest thing to find, if not most. It takes time, effort and a lot of patience. You don't need to rush your self looking for that one person. Time will come, and you will gradually meet him/her. And if you found them, don't ever let them go. You need to risks everything and anything under the sun to fight for the one you love. 

The beginning of your relationship may be a smooth sailing ones, storm will go in your way. But these trials are there for reasons. It will surely strengthen your relationship. You just need to be strong enough to face these things.

A Facebook post went viral featuring a story of two young couples that faced every possible problem that a couple could face.

The said Facebook post were already on its 17,000 shares and touching the hearts of netizens.

Read it below:

I once sent an article to a page that reached an overwhelming number of readers. Allow me to retell their beautiful love story including the continuation.
Part 1: Let the Love Begin
I was a late enrollee. Pagpasok ko sa AU, silang dalawa na. As usual, puro away at tampuhan. Many times, they asked for advice. Ang sabi ko lang, "Nadadaan ang lahat sa maayos na usapan. Ayusin niyo, sayang." After few days, okay na sila.
Part 2: Ikot-Ikot Lang
The cycle continued. May times na parang maghihiwalay na talaga sila. Minsan nasabi ko sa isa, "Itigil niyo na yan. Ngayon pa nga lang may mga issue ng ganyan, paano pa kayo magtatagal?" Pero pilit nilang inaayos ang lahat.
The world gave them a thousand reasons to stop but they focused on one good reason to continue.
Part 3: I Won't Give Up
Akala namin ayos na. Matagal-tagal din silang naging okay kaso may matindi na yatang selosan. Coflict na din sa maraming bagay. Mukhang eto na yung walang-forever-moment. Gaya ng dati, humingi na naman ng advice yung isa. Ang sabi ko nalang, "Kahit ano pang sabihin ko, kadalasan, bingi ang nagmamahal na puso. Desisyon mo lang din naman ang susundin mo. Piliin mo kung ano ang magpapasaya sayo."
Part 4: I'll Never Go
Edi yun! Pinili pa rin nilang ipagpatuloy ang naghihingalong relasyon kahit na marami na ang naninira at hindi naniniwala sa kanila. Pero little by little, nagmature sila. Mas lumawak ang pag-iintindihan sa isa't-isa. Sobrang maeffort din kasi nung lalaki. Nagwowork na sila pareho sa Manila pero nagkikita pa rin kami paminsan-minsan na magbabarkada. Kung susumahin, 7 years na sila! Ang totoo niyan, hindi ko inakalang magtatagal sila, but I am indeed happy.
Final Part: This I Promise You
Yan ang theme song nila. Madalas nila akong biruin, "Pag kinasal na kami, kakantahin mo yan ha? Walang bayad." Haha. And then, the day finally came. It was Color Cabanatuan Run. I was the host. Habang kumakanta ang guest artist, tinawag sila sa stage.

Nagsimulang magsalita yung lalaki in front of more than 2,000 people! Nagsisigawan na halos lahat. Umiiyak yung babae. Suddenly, lumuhod yung lalaki hawak ang engagement ring at tinanong, "Will you marry me?" After few seconds, the girl said, "Yes!"
LESSON LEARNED: kapag nahihirapan, hindi pala dapat palaging LET GO. Sometimes, we have to HOLD ON even if it hurts so bad. Only then that we will realize, the pain is worth it. Love is a risk. The best strategy - TRUST GOD, the greatest author of love stories.
Part 1: Anong Nangyari
Just when everyone thought things would go fine, their engagement turned the other way around. Mas matinding awayan, iyakan, sukuan, suyuan. Marami ang may hindi alam. Ganun siguro talaga. The more you become hopeful, the more you would encounter storms that would test how far your hopes could go.
Part 2: Kasama Kang Tumanda
Every conquered devastation brings restoration. It was almost a game over but the couple chose a start over. Fear was there but love was greater. They started dating again. We had a talk one time for counselling. Then another for wedding planning. Thank God! They finally got married. They gave birth to their son which made me certain, they would grow old together.
Last Part: Born for You
8 years and 5 months of love, 1 year of marriage, 8 days after the celebration of their wedding anniversary, it was time to celebrate the second month of their baby. That day, naninikip ang dibdib ni Angel. Aldrin rushed her to the hospital. Okay lahat ang findings ng duktor so they decided to go and buy a cake for their baby. On their way, nanikip ulit bigla ang dibdib niya so they went back.
Angel was suffering from cardiac arrest.
Aldrin knelt down at the hospital's chapel begging God to extend his wife's life.
After four times of heart failure, hours of pumps and tubes, the doctor called the husband inside the ICU and told him that they would try to revive her the very last time. He came in. Few moments more, the doctor said sorry. He was there, hugging her up to the last breath. And then, she passed away.
It was an unexpected death. An unbearable pain.
I could tell a lot about how he is suffering now but I could never comprehend what kind of pain he is carrying in his heart at these times.
Smiling, he told me, "Bro ipapasuot ko sa kanya yung wedding gown niya nung ikinasal kami para kapag nagkita kami sa langit, magpopropose ulit ako sa kanya tapos si Lord na ang magkakasal samin."
This story might have portrayed death but it is actually about birth - how two people were born for each other to share love that can withstand the test of time.
Love never fails. When it does, it is not love.
To one of my closest persons in the world,
'til we meet again.

First year college. The away-bati-kinaaasaran-pero-hindi-mapigilan couple.

The kunwari-expert-tayo-sa-love-at-pag-aadvise moment. We talked about simple and funny strategies on how to make their relationship work. I had fun. All expenses paid eh. Pawer!

The proposal, March 2015. Quest was the guest artist that time.

The wedding planning. They discussed about the flow of program. Ay hindi pala. They asked me about it dahil wala daw silang idea :D


The most-awaited day of their lives

I told them yung paghohost ko na ang gift ko sa kanila dahil mahal yun. Haha. Pero nagbigay pa rin sila ng bayad. De tenanggap ko. Haha.

Aldrin's mom arranged everything for their honeymoon. Ang sarap iclose ni tita :D

The first Sunday Service of their baby, Alistair King, at the church I am pastoring, ChosenGen. I did not expect that this would be the last time that we would eat together.

Celebration of their wedding anniversary, November 12, 2017, a trip to Baguio City.

November 21, around 8AM, a trip to Angel's house. He insisted to seat alone inside. After an overnight cry, he was making himself strong at this time. He was encouraging everyone not to shed tears.

He was speaking to Baby AK that they will remain strong for Angel.

"Love Never Fails. When It Does, It Is Not Love". Read This Viral Post Of A Couple Who Conquered Everything For Love. "Love Never Fails. When It Does, It Is Not Love". Read This Viral Post Of A Couple Who Conquered Everything For Love. Reviewed by Tunying on November 22, 2017 Rating: 5

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