"STOP FAT SHAMING" Read As This Plus Size Chick Inspires You To Love Your Body Even More.

"STOP FAT SHAMING" Read As This Plus Size Chick Inspires You To Love Your Body Even More.

It’s absolutely unfair to judge somebody’s weight at first glance because, for one thing, you can never be sure why that person is overweight. They could have some disease, some hormone-problem, depression, or an endless list of other reasons. They could be perfectly healthy and active and just be larger-framed. Why are we judging when we don’t know the whole story?

Body positivity, fat shaming, body image, plus size, skinny, fat whatever you call it you’re not likely to find anyone who hasn’t dealt with it in some way. We live in a world of constant reaching. People think it’s not a big deal if they’ve never been through it but living in the skin of somebody who’s been through it will change your mind. Most people have no idea what it means to be the fat girl.

In my opinion, we are all beautiful in all different ways. There should be no such thing as fat vs. skinny, and people shouldn’t be starving themselves via diets just because society dictates that it should be that way. We can change that. We can change our society because we are society. The only question left is: Are we willing to change?

Take a look at this story as this lady shared her experience of how people treated her with her "plus-size" body.

And be inspired by the message within.
"Maganda ka sana kung pumayat ka" 
"Taray naka crop top pero ang laki ng tiyan" 
"Mabuti nakakasuot ka ng ganyan kahit mataba ka" 
...... and many other more. ☺ Honestly, I will never understand how being thin = beautiful or how the idea of being FAT is synonymous to ugly, lazy, unattractive or unhealthy. I actually am healthy. I never eat food that are too oily for me or has too much fat in it or too much sugar. I eat vegetables and fruits and I have certain food that I may only eat for a certain amount. So never tell me that fat is equal to unhealthy because some people are just fat. Period. I hate it when people tell me I would be pretty if I lose some weight or how I have a good sense of style even though I'm fat? Bullshit.  
Honestly, the most beautiful, amazing, wonderful, extraordinary, fashionable people I know and absolutely adore are fat. Sometimes, I would even get hate from people who think I'm too confident with my body and for wearing clothes that "only thin people can wear." Ulol. Okay, yes I am fat. No, I don't owe you ANY excuses for my appearance. But I can share to you right now and for almost 2 months now, I'm trying my best to go to the gym every week, 4 times a week. I've been eating a limited amount of food during weekdays but I cheat during the weekends. I am simply going to gym for a better life style, and not to live up to people's expectations. Yes, I have bad days.  
Really bad ones. A lot of them where I don't go to the gym and just eat what ever I want. Just like today, I just feel absolutely guilty whenever I eat something even though it's a small portion. Ang hirap. Especially if there are days where I just want to give up but I could already hear every single person who once told me I can't. But don't worry, I won't. I will certainly will not give up. ☺ It's just hard when you already hate yourself for being you and people around just bring you down even more. But that's okay. It's not about being skinny or for being fat for me whenever I go to the gym, it's about owing to your body for giving it the right amount of food and exercise and for being healthy. So please stop the hate. Stop the stigma. STOP FAT SHAMING. 
We are the new beautiful.

One thing everyone knows about me and my fashion is that I always tuck my shirts in 😂 I didn't understand why it was a big deal at first and up until someone mentioned to me usually "girls like me" meaning PLUS SIZE don't usually tuck their clothes. Haynako, Universe. Tama na sa hate!!! GIRLS, WEAR THAT SKIRT WEAR THAT CROP TOP BE FASHIONABLE BE BOLD WALANG PANG PAYAT O PANG TABA LANG FASHION IS FOR EVERYBODY AND THAT SHOULDN'T STOP YOU FROM WEARING SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOU OR YOUR BODY. Alriiiight!!! If nobody hasn't told you today that you're beautiful let me be the first say.... 
You're beautiful. 
And never let anyone let you think twice about that. 
P.S. to everybody who are asking where I usually shop, sa ukay ukay lang po and online shops for plus size. 😊

"STOP FAT SHAMING" Read As This Plus Size Chick Inspires You To Love Your Body Even More. "STOP FAT SHAMING" Read As This Plus Size Chick Inspires You To Love Your Body Even More. Reviewed by Tunying on November 15, 2017 Rating: 5

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