Bianca King Responses To Netizen Who Told Her That Her Acting Is 'Chaka'.

Bianca King Responses To Netizen Who Told Her That Her Acting Is 'Chaka'.

Pusong Ligaw - Kapamilya romantic television series. It is a classic story about friendship, love, and achieving your dreams.

Two women, Teri and Marga who are both bound by a string promise to keep their friendship strong and forever. They help each other with issues, cry, laugh and go out together. Teri and Marga’s unyielding bonding is soon tested when Caloy enters their lives. Caloy who had a historical relationship with Marga immediately liked Teri and had an affair. Three of them always hang out together but later, he cheated on Teri and meets up with his ex and also had affair. After finding out about this, Teri is shattered, broken, torn, mournful and filled with wrath. 

Few years later, Teri and Marga both got pregnant who already got their lives on their own and have their own families. They will be intertwined by fate again and becomes rivals and their children will be the new generation of loving and deceiving ones.

It is almost 8 months since it aired our television screen and with this length of air time it means that the actors were great in delivering their roles. But a netizen with twitter account @iamyours_allen had a negative comment regarding Bianca King's acting 

"Ang Chaka ng acting ni Bianca King"

In response Bianca said "Really? Pls tell me how else I can improve."

"Oh my! I'm being bashed by my tweet! Please don't get me wrong bcoz I'm a big fan of the show. Maybe the batuhan of line between you & Tessa is ok but as a mother to @iamsofiaandres !? I mean cmon, you're both gorgeous to be mother&daughter tandem"

"We do out best with the roles that are given to us and if the show has lasted 8 months, I think things are OK critique is always welcome" Bianca added.

The actress answered it with class that some netizens praised her with the way she response: 

Here are some netizens reactions:

"Bianca’s acting is great tho! Ayoko lang na yung role niya wala manlang pakialam sa anak niya lol"

"What a classy response👏🏼👏🏼"

"Juiceko naman sa "fan", hindi naman pala acting yung problema niya kundi hindi kapani-paniwala na mother-daughter si Bianca at Sofia. At sinabi pa talaga na bina-bash na cya dahil sa tweet niya. I mean cmon...Lol"

"I love Bianca King’s reply. Tapos si Basher naman hindi nasagot ang tanong."

"Surprisingly, Bianca really improved since Mulawin. Gulat nga ako eh. Hater lang yan."

"That's a good response Bianca! People forget na kapag nagcritique ka, it doesn't stop with "ang chaka this or that". It should be followed with "dapat ganito para di chaka". Kelangan mag offer ng solution. Otherwise wag na magcritique because if you can't offer something better than what you're criticizing then what the eff are you criticizing for. Mema ka lang."

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