Bimby Aquino Yap On People Who Judge Children And Kris Aquino Slams Basher Of Bimby.

Bimby Aquino Yap On People Who Judge Children And Kris Aquino Slams Basher Of Bimby.

James Carlos Aquino Yap Jr. (born April 19, 2007), better known as Bimby, and previously known as Baby James Yap, is a Filipino child actor, TV-media personality and the son of Kris Aquino and James Yap.

Netizens admires Kris Aquino on how she raise Bimby because at a very young age, netizens saw Bimb is a smart kid and a good man. 

Some netizens were surprised that Bimb knows about an issue throws at him.  In a Twitter account  ieca @ kengkengchekwa where she uploaded Kris Aquino's new video, where she gives a netizens a tour of her new house.

Then Queen of all Media's 10 year old son interrupted her with 

Bimb: "People think like"

Kris: "What?"

Bimb: "I'm a homosexual"

Kris: "Yeah, don't be homophobic, right?"

Bimb: "Yeah."

Kris: "That's the whole message and whatever your choice is in life, that's your choice."

Bimb: "Why would you judge a child?"

Kris: "Don't judge a child and don't make the decision for the child"

Bimb: "It's because we're still learning about ourselves and puberty hasn't struck for me yet." 
On Kris Aquino's Instagram account one netizen commented about what would James reaction. This comment though written in Bisaya didn't escape Kris Aquino's eye. She then replied

@josephlacearl  “Hahahahaha ano/paano na lang kaya reaction ng papa James mo”

@josephlacearl you seem to not realize Bincai is fluent in Bisaya- so if you intend to disrespect my son- how about trying a foreign language not a dialogue easily understood by someone w/ me now? Regarding the reaction of Bimb’s biological father- he lost that privilege when he declared to the world that he lost interest in exerting effort to be a father to Bimb when he was promoting a bar he was a co investor in. And to your friends @mehransmom & @junahgrace - to the 3 of you next time you try to bully my son, remember that you are creating an enemy in me. And until he is 18- you are committing child abuse. I have taken a screen shot of your negativity & we keep a file of these types of comments w/ my lawyer Atty Fortun. You must really have a boring life for you to need to get cheap thrills commenting at the expense of a 10 year old. I have said this time & again- attack me you will just get sarcasm at the very most. But bully my son- and watch your back. DI AKO MABAIT. Just ask Bimb’s dad.

mas kumpleto ung video nato sa fb. naluha ako nun bandang sabihin ni bimb “why would you judge a child” kasi may anak din ako, and he’s a special child. not like bimb na smart, my son has intelellectual disability. wala talagang pinipiling husgahan ang mga tao. naisip ko lang kung nasasabi lang ng anak ko yung nasabi ni bimb for sure lalo ako masasaktan. pag nababasa ko yung mga di magandang comment nila about kay bimb, bakit d na lang nila makita yung magandang bagay sa bata. tama sia “why would you judge a child?” lakasan lang talaga ng loob ms kris sa mga masasamang salita, mahalaga naibibigay yung mga kailangan ng mga anak at masaya sila. sarap na lang sa pakiramdam ng magulang yung mahal na mahal ka ng mga anak mo. wag na lang pansinin yung mga bad vibes. good luck sainyo. merry christmas!

Bimb, is such a smart kid. And I can say he will be a good man! Because he was raise by YOU @krisaquino . I am also sure that a lot of moms and children out there are praying and would love to have a son like Bimb, and a mother like you. I am a forever fan, miss Kris. Love you @krisaquino 😘

I’m surprised that Bimb knows about the issue (I think he said he’s not into social media, so) but I’m even more suprised at how maturely he takes it. Awesome, Bimb! Good thing you learned the art of dedmatology just like how your mom mastered it. Merry Christmas, Ms Kris, Kuys, Bimb and the KCAP family! Looking forward to the best year yet. 😍🎄

“ I have a lot on my plate”.... what an intelligent comment from a 10 yr. old kid which some adults probably did not understand. Good thing he explained it! Bimby is very smart and articulate like his Mom! ( Thank God for that! ) Pardon the thought, but I believe bashers are mostly ignorant and miserable people trying to get attention by saying outrageous things just to rain in your parade. Glad you are confronting them and wish you charge them with cyberbullying! Merry Christmas Josh, Bimb & @krisaquino!

@josephlacearl You’re worrying kung anong magiging reaction ni James sa anak nya, eh ikaw ano magiging reaction ng parents mo sayo when they learn na you’re bullying a 10-year old child on social media? Paskong pasko ang nega mo.
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