Kris Aquino Slams Basher Who Calls Her 'Majonda' In Her Instagram Account.

Kris Aquino Slams Basher Who Calls Her 'Majonda' In Her Instagram Account.

KRIS AQUINO – The Queen of All Media Kris Aquino hits back her basher in one of her Instagram posts.

Eventhough they always said that once you become a celebrity you'll never have your privacy but celebrities are humans as well, they have feelings just like any other people only that they carry that certain reputation being public figures. 

And it has always been our nature to defend ourselves from those who are harming us physically or emotionally. 

Kris Aquino is not new to these kind, she always got bashers especially in her social media account.

In a YouTube video posted on "The Aquinos" on Monday Kris Aquino revelaed her celebrity crushes. she said that she had a loyalty to Wentworh Miller, a leading actor inPrison Break and Paul Walker. Her local celebrity crush would be Alden Richards.

“Kung bata lang ako talaga (If I were still young), si Alden. I love Alden!” 

“I’m really a fan. Talagang tuwang-tuwa ako sa kanya, you know. Kasi ang bango-bango niya tingnan, di ba? (I’m really a fan. He makes me so happy, you know. Because he really looks pleasant, right?),” Aquino explained.

She then applauded Alden Richards for his acting in a GMA Network documentary about Martial Law and the “Love Is…” telemovie with his love team partner, Maine Mendoza. Aquino admitted that she watched both films more than once.

“He was so cute! Because he said, ‘Miss Kris, I’m Alden,'” she remembered, seeing him in a billboard which she passed by often.

Had to have this portion edited to share w/ all of you. Certified @aldenrichards02 fan! I was thrilled to see a thank you text from him because he must have gotten word about all i said in the Merienda w/ Kris we uploaded. Work wish for 2018- to play Alden’s mom in a project. Hopefully a drama w/ a bit of realistic funny moments exploring the love & complexities of a single mom & her grown up son... just me imagining Bimb & me 15 years from now... di na ko mahihiya, libreng mangarap so i’m tagging @annettegozon of GMA FILMS & @gmanetwork.

A short clip of this video was uploaded in her Instagram account and one netizen commented this:

"Sus namankris alaga ka na lang ng anak mo! After ng kwento mo na nagpropose si Bistek sayo si Alden nmn! Naka ilang lalaki ka na ba? Tama majonda ka na!"

As we all know Kris Aquino has all the right words for her bashers. She replied:

@ruthsmith5327 and you must really have low comprehension skills- I said my dream project was to PORTRAY HIS MOTHER. Please read before you bash me. Because I don’t mind intelligent criticism but i take offense at poor comprehension. ๐Ÿคจ

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