List Of Pinoy Celebrities Who Ended Up With A Fan.

List Of Pinoy Celebrities Who Ended Up With A Fan. 

It is a dream come true for a avid fan to get romantically involved with their favorite celebrities. But it is more than a fairy tale when they end up being the one who's getting married with their idols.

Here are the list of seven celebrities who married one of their fans.

1. This actor-politician fell inlove with his fan in 2008. Yasmin Espiritu and Alfred Vargas tied the knot in 2010 and have two beautiful kids.

“I was a fan of Alfred’s,” Yasmine is half-Filipina and half-Italian who spent most of her growing-up years in Milan. “At home, I have Alfred’s poster on the wall of my room. I’ve seen all of his movies.”

“I fell in love with Yasmine at first sight,” recalled Alfred.

“She stood out in the audience. I told myself at that moment, ‘This is the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with.’ I was hooked. It was fiesta time and a lot of people were watching the show. After the show, I made it a point to get her celfone number. I told her, ‘Nagpo-photography ako. Baka naman puwede ko makuha ang celfone number mo at baka puwede kitang gawing model?’ Bulok na style but it worked. Hindi ako tumigil hangga’t hindi ko nakukuha. Honestly, I told myself at that very momenty, ‘Sigurado akong siya na ang babaing pakakasalan ko, hindi nga lang ako sigurado kung pakakasalanan niya ako.’ Hahahaha!”

2. Mark Zambrano was a fan of the actress-singer before they got to know each other.

3. Richard Gomez was Lucy Torres' crush when she was just 12 years old.

"Seventeen years. I still remember the first time I laid eyes on him: this tall, lanky man, in the movie Inday Bote, and then Blusang Itim and all others after that. I was smitten. Twelve years old and in sixth grade, and I would cut out photos of him from movie magazines with names like Kislap, Moviestar, etc. that Daddy would allow us to buy every Sunday after church. I would slip them on the cover of my notebook protected with plastic. 

There was no chance for me to see him in person, all my classmates said. Why would any movie star ever land on the shores of Ormoc? “Oh, but I will see him, I will find him,” I’d happily giggle. “One day I will watch a concert and he will be a guest and I can have a photo with him” or “One day Bench will open in Cebu and he will cut the ribbon and I will see for myself if he is really cute.” 

4. Dianne Medina was a fan of Rodjun Cruz even before Dianne came into showbiz.

5. Heart Evangelista said that Chiz Escudero was one of her most favorite politicians before they started dating.

6. Isabel Oli asked for John Prats' photograph when they first met. They got married in 2015.

For Isabel's part, she first saw John during his show with former girlfriend Heart Evangelista in Ayala Cebu. Her first thought was that he's really handsome. She even ran after him to take a picture. 

John said he found Isabel beautiful too, but she was with someone else that time. He found Isabel on Instagram, and he commented: "Hi crush."

7. Jennica Garcia was a fan of Alwyn Uytingco. Now, she's the wife.

8. Annabelle Rama always been very vocal on how she ended up with Eddie Gutierrez.

She claims to be a huge fan of the Eddie-Susan love team, and even cut class just to watch their movies. “Naku, may araw ka din sa akin Eddie Gutierrez ka, makikilala din kita,” she swore to herself. One time, Eddie was set to do a show in Cebu, and Annabelle talked to every promoter and did everything just to meet him. 

They did meet, and Annabelle then took the chance to ask him out. She invited him to a resort for their first date. 

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