List Of Some Of Pinoy Celebrities Word Wars Of 2017.

List Of Some Of Pinoy Celebrities Word Wars Of 2017.

In an environment where salaries are sky-high, unreasonable demands are made, and huge egos have to be stroked, it’s no wonder rifts and feuds happened. While many showbiz personalities are known to be sweet, level-headed folk, there are the some who take on that 'attitude' and have that strong sense of entitlement. And it’s people like that who give tabloids a good business and provide entertainment for the fans and public.

And the attention is not necessarily unwanted. Many people in the entertainment industry are so desperate to be in the limelight that they intentionally instigate a feud. It’s so easy nowadays to warrant that kind of attention—all it takes is a cryptic post on social media about his or her supposed enemy. These are some of the more famous celebrity cat fights. Many of these rifts have thankfully been resolved, while some have remained irreparable.

1. Daniel Padilla to Paul Salas - "Ano? Sagot?" 

After the Star Magic All-Star Basketball Game, the netizen claimed that Paul mocked Daniel via a comment stating; “hahahaha curry na curry ba.” Paul Salas posted on FB, "Mag laro ka nalang ng lazer tag kung ayaw mo masaktan sa basketball." 

His post was referring to the rift between Daniel and JC De Vera during the game. After much sharing and mentioning DJ's name, the irked Daniel and friends challenged Paul and friends to a basketball game. Without immediate reply from the latter, Daniel tweeted, "PaulAndreSalas ano? Sagot." 

2. Diego Loyzaga to Father Cesar Montano - "Duwag!" 

In a series of Instagram posts, the 21-year-old Loyzaga called Montano a liar and a hypocrite, and attacked his dad for rejecting him when he was young.

"Sa lahat ng nakakabasa nito, iisipin niyo siguro wala akong respeto kasi ama ko iyan. Pero sana tandaan niyo na mula ng pinanganak ako ng nanay ko eh dineny na ako niyan hangang ngayon! Kaya siguro puwede ako magsalita ng ganito," 

The root apparently was when Cesar said that his son should undergo drug tests. “Ramdam na ramdam ko nga na mahal mo ko,” wrote Diego. In addition, he also said, ""SANA LUMABAS LAHAT NG BAHO MO. Duwag!! - written by the UNGRATEFUL child who was denied by his father. So really am i an UNGRATEFUL "CHILD" because to him i am not even his child." 

3. Sara Duterte to Mariel de Leon - "Ano ika-insecure ko sa talo mo?" 

The beautiful and feisty daughter of Christopher de Leon and Sandy Andolong, Mariel de Leon who  hated by many because of her political opinion. 

After Mariel failed to win the crown she tweeted, “If another person’s 'misfortune' pleases you, it just shows how insecure and unhappy you are with your life.” 

To this Sara replied, “Nase-schadenfreude kami, insecure at unhappy agad, di ba pwedeng tulad mo ay sadyang maldita lang talaga kami. Ano ika-insecure sa talo mo?” 

4. Vanessa Matsunaga to Erich Gonzales - "I honestly wish you had addressed the money issue."

Erich Gozales and Daniel Matsunaga broke up this year but such issues surfaced. The word war came between Daniel's sister, Vanessa and Erich. Apparently, Vanessa and her family were asked whether they owed Erich money, and this prompted Vanessa to post on Erich's IG. 

“I can't keep quiet when people are invading my privacy asking us if we owe you money and saying that you were spending on us!” Vanessa also said, “I know you answered the interview with the best of your ability, I understand it's hard to answer too many questions but I honestly wish you had addressed the money issue.” 

Addressing the issue about money, Gonzales said: “Hindi ako mayaman, Vanessa. Tama ka; mahirap lang ako, hindi ako kasing yaman ng napangasawa mo. Pero sa mundong ito, ang realidad, hindi lang mayayaman ang nate-take advantage. Mas maraming mahirap ang napapagsamantalahan.”

Gonzales said she didn’t really want to talk about her failed relationship with Daniel anymore but she is being provoked.

“They want me to speak up, I will. I will tell all,” she said as she ended her statement.

5. Lola Tess on Charice's (now Jake Zyrus) transformation - "Saan n'yo nilibing si Charice?" 

The simple root of the problem was that Charice chose to become Jake Zyrus, a transgender. This prompted Lola Tess, the maternal grandma of Charice to address the singer, "Hindi ka tomboy dahil akong nagpalaki sayo." 

6. Mark Duane Angos to Suzette Doctolero "Copycat"

After it was officially announced that Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil will star in the upcoming ABS-CBN fantasy series Bagani, some couldn’t help but compare it to GMA-7’s fantaserye Encantadia.

GMA consultant Suzette Doctolero commented on the issue that started a word war between her and ABS-CBN Star Creative head writer Mark Duane Angos.

"Hahahhaha Funny ka. May binago naman sila ah. Yung naka violet. Di sa enca ginaya. Pang circus ang costume. Hahahaha,” Suzette told a netizen.

"You should get out of this ‘originality discourse’ especially if you’re the one who copied CW’s Arrow. My friendly advice, focus on stories you’re writing. I’m sure there’s a lot of B-actors from Game of Thrones who can cameo on your next show,” Mark wrote on his account without mentioning Suzette.

7. Xander Ford to Kathryn Bernardo "Sakang"

A man who sounds like Xander talking about some random things like ex-girlfriends until he started ranting about Kathryn.

In his own words, Xander said, “Yung lobo pong ginagapan ni Kathryn Bernardo ay sakang po iyon. *laughter* Kaya po para sa mga naniniwalang gustong maging #1 FHM model si Kathryn Bernardo ay huwag na po kayong umasa. Never pa ako nakakita ng sexy na sakang ang paa. Paki-pantay lang pa ang daliri sa paa ni...”

8. Saab Magalona to Rey Pumaloy "Malinamnam"

Saab Magalona took her complaint over an article about a photo of her and her sister Maxene wearing two-piece bikini. The malicious article is from tabloid, Abante written by Rey Pumaloy.

In Facebook account of Rey Pumaloy he posted "Magpost ka kaya ng bikini photos mo sa mga bulag, sure ako wala silang masasabi.."

"Kung di ka naman ewan, magpu-post ka ng nakabikini ka tapos magagalit ka sa reaksyon ng iba, teh!! Socmed nga dba?? Dba??!"

A netizen in a Twitter account @rianneadeleon reply to Saab tweet with her screenshots of Rey post.

Saad answered 

"LOLLL and I reacted via social media as well so what is his point?" 

"Kung di ka naman ewan, magpu-post ka ng malaswang article tapos magagalit ka sa reaksyon ng iba, teh!! Socmed nga dba?? Dba??!" Saab added

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