READ: Personal Experience Of NCCC Fire Survivor And Chilling Post Of Some Of The Victims Before The Incident.

READ: Personal Experience Of  NCCC Fire Survivor And Chilling Post Of Some Of The Victims Before The Incident.

Days before Christmas, disaster strucked the whole Philippines when an unfortunate event happened in NCCC Mall in Davao. Approximately 35 lives were taken by the fire that made their families' Christmas a nightmare.

After the said incident, someone took their time to look for the names of the victims and checked their profiles. Goosebumps chilled their bodies after seeing their personal Facebook posts.

Down below this article, is another Facebook post of a survivor of the said incident.

Read it below:
Post sa mga natrap sa sunog sa Nccc mall SSI. Creepy ilang post naay mga meaning.. Loooord, unta tabangan nmo sila, naa untay himala mahitabo. 

Crucial clutch time Life and Death moments during the SSI fire evac.
There are still a number of people texting me how it all happened and how and why a lot of them stayed at the c.r when they could just get the hell out. It wasn’t easy at all when faced with that predicament. So I figured I’ll just lay out a brief recollection of my first hand experience.
Everything happened very very fast, It was even too late when Smoke was coming out of the AC. It meant we just had a matter of no more than 5 minutes to get out safely . There were no problems with accessibility of the fire exits, All 2 of them were open , but Beyond the door was so hot you that can easily toast bread.
Note: A few of my co workers tried to use the fire extinguishers but didn’t because they can’t aim it because there’s no f*cking fire anywhere. Just immense smoke and intense Heat that I don’t know how you could just fill a whole facility with smoke and make it Hot like an oven in just a matter of minutes. It’s crazy. We’re literally being roasted of whatever is outside already. No alarms from the mall or any word from any mall employee downstairs that there was already a fire going on minutes ago on the lower floors. We only found out when smoke just came out from the AC and everything was almost too late.
Once smoke was out from the AC, it only took seconds to fill the whole office with gray smoke. I was with Mikko from when we walked panic free to the locker room where I even luckily managed to secure my valuables. Suddenly people were yelling and panicking to go back inside . I didn’t know why, that ‘s why I went to the fire exit Door, and then opened it just to realize that the heat was the reason why all of them are panicking, It was horror all around .terrified cries of my co-workers who were mostly women. I lost Mikko in the midst of it all, . The only one I see with me is Chan and we even went to the C.R to have our hankerchiefs soaked wet. We told each other that this maybe our time now, We’re gonna die here. It was quickly coming to us that we’re trapped in that Hell hole. there we found a lot of people doing the same thing, even with their clothes. And then the lights went out, the bulbs were exploding Even more smoke quickly engulfed the locker area, People were screaming , I faced to the right A lot of them rushed inside the cr . Someone was screaming repeatedly to go inside the cr because they couldn’t take the smoke. I looked back at the office and all I can see is Gray smoke. The lights kept exploding. Clutch time and I just ran back like hell back in the office because I knew that I had to keep moving when there were still lights on there, I lost Chan while at it. It was almost zero visibility and the smoke were only inches from reaching the floor. I ran facing down with just the soaked hankerchief so I can still breathe. I heard someone asking “What’s wrong!?” I just passed him, My mind was blank and only the adrenaline was kicking in. Every man for himself. I rushed to where I saw other silhouettes towards the lobby. I recognized that it was our director yelling “Lobby! Lobby!” repeatedly. I rushed down and to my relief the smoke wasn’t as bad on the 3rd and lower floors, I kept running down and only stopped when I reached the outside of the Kadayawan Hall and I saw a lot of my colleagues that were already there. I even thought all of us made it since when I was rushing down I barely saw anyone ahead of me, not even figures. So I assumed I was one of the few last people who got out. To my fears I found out that the reason why we suddenly got fewer up there was because some never got out of the cr and followed. I paced my breathing which I can still smell smoke in my nostrils that lasted a few hours.
I never saw Mikko again, I heard he was supposed to be out but still went back to help but he never came down. And all of those just happened in a span of just a few minutes. You can just imagine how too late it was already just by the time smoke was coming out of the AC. One wrong move at the wrong time and you’re done.
The shock is still in that tears won’t even flow out.
Thank you Lord for the 2nd life, but it’s devastating that a lot of my friends didn’t see the sunlight again.
To my good old friends that didn’t make it. May you rest in peace. You will always be remembered.
My condolences to their families 

READ: Personal Experience Of NCCC Fire Survivor And Chilling Post Of Some Of The Victims Before The Incident. READ: Personal Experience Of  NCCC Fire Survivor And Chilling Post Of Some Of The Victims Before The Incident. Reviewed by Tunying on December 26, 2017 Rating: 5

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