Remember Them? Here Are The Real Stories Behind The World's Most Beautiful Kids.

The Real Stories Behind The World's Most Beautiful Kids.

The use of child models has always been a controversial topic. Many people find it wrong and think that it'll negatively impact the child while others find it harmless but when Blondeau participated in a Vogue photo shoot six years ago, it raised more than your average amount of public concern about the use of child models and the effects modeling on a young persons' development.

But still public couldn't get enough of these super gorgeous young kids. Here are some of the most beautiful kids and their stories.

Anastasia Knyazeva

The young model's career began in the summer of 2015, when she was just four-years-old, like Gigi Hadid, who starred in her first GUESS campaign at the same age. Already Anastasia seems like a natural in front of the camera. According to her mum, she is taking her career and title seriously by balancing modeling classes while putting school first. After hearing the news of her accomplishment, Anastasia's mother took to her Instagram to thank her followers for the new honour. "Thank you, dear friends, for your kind words and congratulations," she wrote in her native Russian. "We learned about our title a few days ago from the Western media. But yesterday this wave of information reached Russia. We will with dignity wear it."

William Franklyn - Miller

You may not know his name in the western world, but this young model became an instant internet star in Asia in 2016. The London-born tween has lived in Australia since 2013 and the whole thing started when a photo of him was uploaded online by a young Japanese fan. It didn't take long for the cute snapshot to go viral. In fact, the picture was shared over 95,000 times.

William Franklyn Miller pretty much woke up the next day to thousands of new followers on his Instagram, over 100,000 to be exact. He was even featured on Japanese news sites where they were calling him the Australian version of Justin Bieber. It's easy to see why the teen is a total cutie. 

The truth is, Miller has been acting since he was four years old. Being in front of the camera is nothing new to him, it just took a while for anyone to notice. Now with his hoards of Asian fans, he is finally getting the recognition that he has been working on. He even received phone calls from agents in the US who had auditions already lined up for the new teen heartthorb. He has now amassed nearly half a million followers on Instagram and shows no signs of slowing down. 

Anastasia Bezrukova

The young beauty was born in 2004 and was a supermodel before she was even in her teens. When Anastasia Bezrukova was still a toddler her parents organized a photoshoot with a local photographer. Little did they know, it was going to be all downhill from here. The pictures turned out so well that fashion labels and magazines started reaching out to work with the beautiful little girl. 

Her mother is an entrepreneur, and her father is a lawyer, so neither of them had any idea what they were getting their daughter into. She was so in demand that her home country Russia couldn't hold her back, and she soon became an international child model. Bezrukova has appeared in magazines like Vogue Bambini and Harper's Bazaar. The young girl has also worked with fashion brands like Armani, Benetton and Pink. 

The only drawback of having such a demanding modeling career is that she doesn't have time for school work. But considering she is traveling the world and working with some of the world's greatest fashion designers, we would guess she doesn't mind. Besides modeling, Bezrukova is an avid dancer and gymnast. She is now thirteen years old and still keeping busy by rocking the runway and appearing in fashion ads. 

Isabella Rice

Could you imagine knowing what you want to be at the age of seven? Well, that's exactly what happened to Isabella Rice who told her parents from a very young age that she wanted to be an actress. The young beauty got her start in the acting world in 2013 when she appeared in a short film with Hollywood legend, Cloris Leachman. 

Considering it was a short film, she didn't get much attention for the role. That same year Rice scored a small role in the TV show 'Glee" yet again, it didn't lead to much recognition. The little girl went back to working on her acting chops and landed a three-episode stint as Sarah Compton on the TV series "True Blood"  

This is where her acting career took a turn, and she started finding success as a child actor. Because of this, her family has kept much of her current  life under wraps. The young girl says that she is growing up in a loving and entertainment environment. Considering she is so young and has a bright future ahead of her, we can understand why her parents want to preserve her privacy. 

The future star in the making has a movie that was released in 2017 where she plays Katherine Heigl's daughter. 

Laneya Grace

When it comes to beautiful kids, Laneya Grace was born to be in front of the camera. The gorgeous girl was born in 2004 in San Francisco, California. Her parents knew there was something special about their daughter. They submitted photos of the then toddler to FORD modeling agency. It turns out they were right, the agency wanted to see the little beauty in person and presented her with a modeling contract almost immediately. From there, the young beauty started her modeling career at the age of three years old. Photographers are mesmerized by her green eyes and sweet cherubic face. 

While it usually takes adults several years to make it big in the world of modeling, LAneya Grace has somehow managed to have a career that spans nearly a decade. She has worked with major companies like Guess and Maleficent toys. The young model even scored a role in Avicii's "Wake Me Up" video alongside Aloe Blacc and Kristina Romanova. In 2016, Grace signed a modeling contract with the world-renowned modeling agency Wilhelmina Models. There are estimatons that Grace has made over $3 million from her work as a child supermodel. 

Kristina Pimenova

You might be living under a rock if you haven't heard of the "World's most beautiful child" The little girl made headlines in 2014 for receiving the title. In 2014 this young model started making headlines for her controversial career and of cource her stunning beauty. She was nine years old at the time but was ni starnger to the fashion industry. 

Pimenova got her love for modeling from her mother, Glikeriya Shirokova who was a model herself. When Pimenova was a toddler, her motehr would bring her along to her photoshoots. After awhile, the photographers began to see how beautiful Pimenova was and started taking pictures of her too. It didn't take long for agencies and fashion labels to notice the little beauty. 

Pimenova signed a modeling contract when she was only three years old. By the time she was ten, she had modeled in major campaigns for Armani and Dolce & Gabbana just to name a few. Her family relocated to Los Angeles where she signed with LA Models youth division. Her mother runs all her social media which boasts millions of followers. 

Thylane Blondeau

Before Kristina Pimenova, there was another little girl making headlines for taking over the fashion world. Thylane Blondeau was considered the "Most beautiful kid in the world" when she was only 4. She walked her first fashion runway for Jean-Paul Gaultier before she was even in kindergarten. By the age of six, she had already graces the cover of Vogue enfants. All the success hasn't come without some controversy.

When the ypung beauty was only ten years old, one of her modeling assignments caused a major media storm. While appearing in Vogue PAris, Blondeau posed in a low-cut dress and stiletto heels. Many believed this was inappropriate for a girl her age. Luckily, the controversy did nothing to slow the little girl down. The French-born model is now 15 years old and is still a huge name in the fashion world. 

She's considered the next Kate Moss and has signed contracts with IMG models as well as L'Oreal. You may have even seen her in a few ads for H&M when she became the face of the brand in 2016. The young model also has a lucrative career as a social media star in Instagram. 

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