WATCH: OFW Father Surprised Them While They Are Eating On A Fastfood Chain.

WATCH: OFW Father Surprised Them While They Are Eating On A Fastfood Chain.

They thought it would just be a regular dine in experience on their favorite fast food restaurant when a surprise from their balikbayan dad brought their tears pouring after 3 years of not being able to be with them.

No one recognizes him at first thinking that he is just a fastfood crew serving them. Until one of them noticed his wrist.

The father has been working in Dubai as a nurse for more than 3 years and hasn't come home since then. His wife is currently working in Bohol and left their two daughters to her sister for the mean time.

Chayyen celebrated her birthday last November 20, 2017 and wished for her family to be completed. She also wanted to see her parents on Christmas.

The two kids understand why their parents are away from them, and working to secure their future.

Watch the video below:

"A father’s love is irreplaceable. The reason why daughters love their dad the most is that there is at least one man in the world who will never hurt them, from his heart. His love is eternal, righteous and unconditional."
An OFW LIFE and the sacrifices of the parents.
My brother in law has been working as a nurse in Dubai for more than 3 years now and have not come home since then.My sister is currently working in Bohol entrusted us their two daughters meanwhile that she just returned work after finishing her Doctorate.
Breanna and Chayyen had survived a lot in life at their very young age,the separation from their parents was the hardest, they were an Earthquake victims too in Bohol. My sister Reizl ,their mother had to study PH.d , and she has to secure her two daughters and decided that they will stay with our eldest sister in MSU, Marawi City and continue studying there. Because of the Marawi Siege, hearing all those guns and bombs, they travelled 10 hours to escape from the warzone. We then, decided to transfer them here in Iligan City under my care.
Birthday Wish;
Yenny is about to turn 8 years old this coming November 20,2017, and all she wished for is a complete Family. She said, she wished to see her Daddy and Mommy on Christmas if not possible on her birthday, and she qoute (Mommy Juv, I will pray million times because Daddy told me he might come home")
They are smart children because they understand why their Dad and Mom working hard for them. Sometimes at night I saw them both hugging and comforting each other.They are the sweetest nieces.
The Surprise;
One day my brother In law called me up that he is coming home, and asked me to set up a surprise and if possible he can wear a Jollibee uniform. Gladly, the manager of Jollibee Tubod Ros.Heights , allowed him to wear just a jolly cap, to hide his identity while pretending he was one of the Jollibee crews .
Here's a very touching video , that happened recently at JOLLIBEE..
Breanna and Chayyen did not recognize their Daddy right away but Breanna noticed the handmade bracelet made by her sister Chayyen that was sent to Dubai for their Dad 
Glenn told me he does not take it off, for it is his comfort when the loneliness and sadness strikes while he's far from his daughters.
Worth sharing..A Father's Love
Thank you Jollibee Tubod, Iligan City.
(Video credits to my ever supportive sister Ma Bing Nhel)
"Salute to all the OFW's around the World"

WATCH: OFW Father Surprised Them While They Are Eating On A Fastfood Chain. WATCH: OFW Father Surprised Them While They Are Eating On A Fastfood Chain. Reviewed by Tunying on December 12, 2017 Rating: 5

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