5 Most Creepy And Mysterious Unsolved Story.

5 Most Creepy And Mysterious Unsolved Story.

People love reading and/or watching mysterious things. Gives them the thrill and the creeps that their body wants to experience. Some of them have a very wide imagination picturing what they are reading or thinking that they are on that situation.

For some people who loves this kind of story, we will give you something to chill your bones.

Here are 5 most creepy and mysterious unsolved story:

Eilean Mor lighthouse Keepers

On the 26th December 1900, a small ship was making its way to the Flannan Islands in the remote Outer Hebridies. Its destination was the lighthouse at Eilean Mor, a remote island which (apart from its lighthouse keepers) was completely uninhabited.

Once at the lighthouse, Moore noticed something was immediately wrong; the door to the lighthouse was unlocked and in the entrance hall two of the three oil skinned coats were missing. Moore continued onto the kitchen area where he found half eaten food and an overturned chair, almost as if someone had jumped from their seat in a hurry. To add to this peculiar scene, the kitchen clock had also stopped.

Muirhead immediately noticed that the last few days of entries were unusual. On the 12th December, Thomas Marshall, the second assistant, wrote of ‘severe winds the likes of which I have never seen before in twenty years’. He also noticed that James Ducat, the Principal Keeper, had been ‘very quiet’ and that the third assistant, William McArthur, had been crying.

What is strange about the final remark was that William McArthur was a seasoned mariner, and was known on the Scottish mainland as a tough brawler. Why would he be crying about a storm?

Over the following decades, subsequent lighthouse keepers at Eilean Mor have reported strange voices in the wind, calling out the names of the three dead men. Theories about their disappearance have ranged from foreign invaders capturing the men, all the way through to alien abductions! Whatever the reason for their disappearance, something (or someone) snatched those three men from the rock of Eilean Mor on that winter’s day over 100 years ago.

The exorcism of Latoya Ammons

In November of 2011 an excited Latoya Ammons and her family moved into their new home on Carolina Street in Gary, Indiana. They were only there a matter of days before they noticed an influx of flies living in the home with them.

This was the reasonably cold month of November so the family were baffled as to where the insects came from. As it turned out the flies would soon be forgotten, at least for a while, as months of bizarre phenomena unfolded…

The strange occurrences kept up until the paranormal activity really took off on the 10th of March when a small Wake took place in the Ammons home.

It was the early hours of the morning and guests from the funeral were still gathered in the living room. Ammons decided to check on her daughter who was sleeping with a friend in Rosa’s bedroom.

As she entered the room she was confronted with the sight of her daughter floating a few feet off the bed in her sleep. She screamed at the top of her voice and the house full of guests dashed up the stairs to see what was wrong.

They all witnessed Ammons’ daughter levitating above the bed and they began to pray.

The calls to god seemed to do the trick and the young girl slowly started descending back towards the bed again. Within minutes she was sleeping soundly again on top of the bed sheets.

All three of Latoya’s children suddenly become targets for the demonic forces within the home. Her 12-year-old daughter gave a frightening account of being held on the floor and choked by some sort of invisible entity.

As this entity attempted to squeeze the life out of her it whispered in her ear that she would be dead within twenty minutes.

Her 7-year-old brother was found sitting inside a dark closet holding a conversation with thin air. When they asked him what he was doing he replied that he was having a conversation with an entity about the how it felt to be killed.

All three of her children then began to show signs of demonic possession and frequently spoke in deep voices that belonged to adults. Their eyes would bulge fiercely out of their heads and they would grim silently at their Latoya and her mother.

He came to the conclusion that they were all suffering from delusions and hallucinations.

As Ammons began to argue her point with Onyeukwu her 7-year-old son started to growl ferociously at the doctor.

Without warning he stopped growling and started cursing with words he couldn’t possibly know. He then started to levitate before rushing through the air into the surgery wall.

As soon as the evaluation started the younger brother looked towards his older sibling and said “It’s time to die” and “I will kill you.”

The older brother’s response was to stare back at his brother with a terrible evil smile. He then floated across the room and somehow walked backwards up the wall. He finished this incredible stunt by flipping over Washington’s head and landing on his feet behind her.

Valerie Washington returned to the Department of Child Services and Rosa Campbell took the two older kids back home with her. Ammons remained in the hospital with her youngest child for the night.

Unfortunately Ammons awoke to find that the Department of Child Services had come to a dramatic decision on her children. The youngest child was sent for further psychological evaluation and his two older siblings ended up in a care home nearby.

The moving coffins of Barbados

It's called The Chase Vault and it is at the center of one of the island of Barbados' most chilling and sinister mysteries.

The Chase Vault was first built by The Honorable James Elliot.  The vault was majestic, made of carved stone, coral, and concrete walls over two feet thick.  At the entrance was an enormous blue slab of marble sealing the tomb in peace.

The vault eventually ended up in the possession of the Chase Family (hence the name) and the first member of the Chase Family to be buried there was baby Mary Anne Marie Chase who died at the age of two on February 22, 1808.  Her small lead coffin was placed in the vault and the marble slab was put into place where it would remain for four years.

Only a month later, Colonel Thomas Chase committed suicide and when the pallbearers opened the vault a grisly sight met them all.  Inside the tomb, both of the little girl's coffins had been seemingly thrown about and were lying in a haphazard fashion on the vault's floor with one coffin left upside down.

Four years later, the vault was once again opened to admit the body of eleven year-old Charles Brewster Ames.  Again, the coffins inside the tomb had been flung about... even the 240 pound lead coffin of the colonel.  By now, the story had begun to spread around the island and 52 days later when Samuel Brewster was due to be buried, the vault was inspected from the outside for anything out of the ordinary.  The found that the vault was airtight and watertight and that nothing could get in or out however, upon opening the tomb, once again they discovered that the coffins had been apparently violently disturbed.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator and writer of Sherlock Holmes,  proposed along with others that the disturbances were caused by the spirits of two inhabitants of the vault, Dorcas and Thomas, who had committed suicide and, therefore, were cursed and restless.  The fact that the coffins had started moving only after Dorcas Chase was buried seemed to support that hypothesis.

Mysterious Suicide Jeffrey Daniel

On November 10, 1997, a man appearing to be in his late thirties checked into the Super 8 Motel in Aiken, South Carolina. He paid cash to rent the room for three days but did not identify himself, telling the staff he wanted to “leave all that behind.” That night, the man ordered a pizza for his room but did not answer the door. A “Do Not Disturb” sign was seen hanging on the door with a handwritten message: “I’m not responsible for the consequences.”

Three days later, the man was found dead inside his bathroom. He had committed suicide, but his method of death has never been released to the public. No identification could be found at the scene, and two bottles of anti-depressants had their labels torn off, indicating that the mysterious guest wanted to conceal his identity.

The investigation eventually learned that the man had stayed at a pair of local hospitals following a failed suicide attempt. He gave his name as “Jeffrey Daniel,” providing a Social Security number and a New York address. However, the SSN was fake, and the address did not check out. Even though another man named Jeffrey Daniel did actually live at a nearby address, he had no known connection to the victim.

Two weeks before his death, the unidentified guest checked into a different Aiken motel and made another suicide attempt by slashing his wrist and suffocating himself with cellophane wrap. Motel workers managed to save him and rush him to a hospital, but the man was very uncooperative during his stay and refused to share any information about himself before leaving. There are still no answers about why this mysterious man committed suicide or what his true identity might be.

Eerily Bizarre Vanishing of Kenny Veach

Kenny was 47-years-old, man, with a passion for hiking.  In his video he is affable and enthusiastic. 

On 17 October 2014 Kenny posted a YouTube video. In it he described hiking in the Nevada desert, in an area near Nellis Air Force Base, where he found the oddly-shaped entrance to a cave.  Kenny said the cave entrance was at ground level, was about the same height as himself, and was shaped like the letter ‘M’.   He recalled that entering the cave caused his body to vibrate, and it got worse the further in he went. He said: “suddenly I became very scared and high-tailed it out of there”.

He announced his plan to take a camera and see if he could find the cave again, but his second trip proved fruitless, only encountering a friendly tortoise. The entrance to the mysterious cave was elusive.  Kenny was undefeated.  He said he would have another try, and would take a gun with him for protection.  A YouTube commenter replied: “No!  Do not go back there.  If you find that cave entrance, don’t go in, if you do, you won’t get out”.  Kenny asked: “What makes you say that?” 

Kenny never returned from this third trip.  He set off on Monday 10 November 2014, planning on an overnight hike, and hasn’t been seen since.  The only trace of him that has been found was his mobile phone, which was found, a week later, by Nevada rescue volunteers, near an abandoned mine shaft.   A camera was sent down the mine shaft, but no trace of Kenny was found.

Of course there have been numerous speculations as to what has happened to Kenny.  Some have suggested that he may have innocently stumbled upon illegal activity, seen something he shouldn’t, and been abducted by a drug cartel.  And, as this is the Nevada desert – home of Area 51 – there have also been conspiracy theories about alien abduction, and sinister military activity.  Others have suggested that he may have encountered a mountain lion.  Or, perhaps Kenny simply pushed his body too far one last time.

His girlfriend has since added a comment to YouTube urging all hikers to take GPS with them on their travels.

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