Netizens React To Mariel De Leon's Latest Post On Social Media.

Netizens React To Mariel De Leon's Latest Post On Social Media.

Mariel de Leon became the talk of the town last year for being vocal about issues in and out of showbiz industry. She even tweeted regarding Joey de Leon's despression statement. She said

"Depression isn't a joke. same last name, but thank God we're not related. Ew." 

"Shame on him and people who think like him."

She also got herself in a word war against President Duterte's daughter Mayor Sara Duterte that after failing to even be in Top 15, the first cut of the beauty competition, Mayor Sara Duterte reacted on the achievement of Mariel de Leon in the pageant held in Tokyo, Japan. 

"Meron ako personal experience sa kanya, but I’m too tired to make kwento. I believe pageant judges see through the physical beauty and examine the heart. Para bang Ms. Venezuela sa Ms. Universe 2016. Parang ganyan. This is a schadenfreude moment for me. Sa binisaya pa, ang gab√† di gyud magsab√†," 

Because of this Beauty queen Mariel de Leon became most hated beauty queen. She became netizens favorite celebrity to bash before and after the Miss International Pageant.

And now it seems that netizens still never forget this past issues with Mariel de Leon as her twitter post received mixed reactions from netizens. 

Here are some of netizens reactions:

Pangalanan dapat niya. 
Masyadong matapang sa socmed pero bahag naman ang buntot kapag kausap na.
No credibility!

Unpleasant and arrogant? Talking about yourself again?

Judgmental lang? Baka naman friendly lang talaga yung friends/coworkers mo.

Tama naman. Though, coming from her, ang self-righteous ng dating.

Stop it. Follow what you believe for your ideas,what you stand for and do it in listen.That's the recipe girl to be respected.

bitter lang yan kasi siya na meron famous parents, siya pa ang waley career. kala niya angat siya sa iba e

Sigurado ako bukas wala ka ng friends and co-workers.

Di mo sila hawak inday mariel at huwag mo din cla pakialaman. To each his own. Focus on improving yourself.

Don't get why people are still hating on her. She did what she did but she apologised for it. Move on and stop crucifying her for saying eeewwww. Perfekto ba kayo?

Hindi siya nag-apologize sa matandang tinawag niyang ew.

Sila kasi marunong makisama at May respeto sa nakakatanda. You've proven wala ka nun Mariel. Pwede naman kasi hindi mag agree na Hindi nakakabastos sa kapwa.

sing peke ng mukha ni mariel

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