Rags To Riches: Local Celebrities Who Crawled Their Way To The Top.

Rags To Riches: Local Celebrities Who Crawled Their Way To The Top.

We have heard stories how actors and actresses crawled their way to stardom. And some celebrities used their name to make it into the showbiz industry.

Below are some inspiring journeys of some of our favorite celebrities who faced and overcame their struggles in their early lives and went from rags to riches.

Apl de Ap

Allan Pineda Lindo was born in Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines. His African American father, an airman stationed at Clark Air Base, left the family shortly after his birth; his Filipino mother, Cristina Pineda, raised him and his six younger siblings as a single mother. As a child, Pineda would make an hour-long jeepney trip to and from his school, and helped his family subsist by farming sweet potatoes, corn, sugar cane, and rice. The Pearl S. Buck Foundation, an organization that finds healthier living environments for young abandoned or orphaned American children, matched him with a sponsor named Joe Ben Hudgens, a lawyer, through a dollar-a-day program. He initially came to the United States at the age of 14 to treat nystagmus, an involuntary movement of the eyes. After a trip to Disneyland, Pineda expressed his interest in staying in the United States. It would take another three years for Hudgens to officially adopt him, but at fourteen he moved permanently to the United States to live with Hudgens.

Despite his international success, he gives back to the community by building classrooms for children.

Coco Martin

Coco Martin is one of the celebrities in the Philippines that earned his break through the indie scene. Coco or born as Rodel Nacianceno was dubbed as "The King of Philippine Independent Films." Coco was born on November 1, 1981 in Manila, Philippines. He is living with his grandmother whom he considers as his second mother. He has five siblings in total both from his biological parents. Who would've known that Mr. Leading Man was once an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) based in Alberta, Canada. He worked as a janitor for housekeeping.

After working overseas to financial support for his family, he flew back to the Philippines to fulfill his calling. He started getting recognition for his notable acting prowess in indie films, even gaining a Gawad Urian, among other awards.

Manny Pacquiao

We all know The People’s Champ as a boxer, senator, playing coach, and a pastor—but his past odd jobs have been hardly heard of.

Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao was born on December 17, 1978, in Kibawe, Bukidnon. He was an out-of-school boy who sold bread and home-made doughnuts in General Santos City. He would visit neighboring villages to compete in boxing matches for the reward of P150.

Although he started in the ring at 16 at 106 lbs, his agility and boxing prowess were unheard of. He was one day invited to Manila to train. Due to his family’s poverty-stricken situation, he took gardening, cleaning as well as construction jobs on the side to send money to his mother.

Vice Ganda

Before the world-renowned name, he was simply Tutoy.

The youngest of five siblings, Tutoy was raised in an eclectic neighborhood on the outskirts of Sta. Cruz, Manila. At first glance, he was as typical as the other boys along their street, playing basketball and gabbing about girls. However for Tutoy, it occurred to him from the very beginning that his heart was truly not in such things.

He was masking his real identity – an identity mirroring his two older brothers who are openly gay. For the longest time, Tutoy feared coming out would bring more tension to the family that would drive them further away from each other. Hence, he continued to be his daddy’s little boy, hoping to keep the most important people in his life together.

Much to his dismay, Tutoy’s childhood dream of a complete, happy family slowly dissolved into thin air. His eldest brother Lito eventually migrated to the United States after a string of heavy disagreements with their parents. In 1991 – one week before his birthday – Tutoy witnessed the tragic murder of his father right in front of their house, which soon prompted his mother to work abroad to start providing for their family.

Through this ordeal, he sought refuge in his grandfather and friends who shared his colorful personality.

Jericho Rosales

You might be wondering where his “hugot” in telenovelas come from. Before the matinee idol established himself as a respected figure in the showbiz arena, he was living a life fit for primetime drama.

Jericho sold fish in the talipapa when he was just 11 years old to help his mother. He also worked as service crew at a pizza chain to send himself to school. His singing skills might be even rooted from his side job of being a barker.

In 1996, Echo was discovered on Eat Bulaga’s Mr. Pogi segment. Outside of his acting and modeling career, he owns a barbershop called Talas ManileƱo and is husband to supermodel Kim Jones.

Jake Zyrus

Born Charmaine Clarice Relucio, Charice started joining singing competitions to help her single mom raise her and her brother Carl. “You start from 10 p.m. and you finish at 7a.m., and I had to go to school,” she shared with CNN correspondent Anna Coren.

She became of the most favorite talents of international producer David Foster and was cast as Sunshine Corazon in the musical series Glee. She was also once dubbed “the most talented girl in the world” by Oprah Winfrey.

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