Remember Asia's Golden Girl Geraldine Flores? This Is What She Looks Like Now.

Remember Asia's Golden Girl Geraldine Flores? This Is What She Looks Like Now.

Gerphil Geraldine Flores is a classical crossover singer/performer of German and Filipino descent. In 2010, at the age of 19, she joined, Flores, the Philippine version of the Got Talent franchise and finished as one of the semifinalists. However, she was eliminated when two of the three judges voted for balladeer Sherwin Baguion to enter the finals of the competition.

In 2015, she joined Asia's Got Talent, where she finished as second runner-up. A soprano she was dubbed "Asia's Golden Girl."

She lived for almost five years in Cadenberge before she relocated to her mother's homeland, the Philippines, in 1994. 

Flores is currently studying for a diploma in art history at the University of British Columbia in Canada. This is in preparation for undertaking a masteral degree in art history in the same university.

On September 28, 2014, the 24-year-old Flores pre-auditioned for the inaugural season of Asia's Got Talent, the regional version of the Got Talent franchise, as Gerphil Flores and advanced to the televised audition. 

Flores' performance was praised and earned her a standing ovation from both the audience and the four judges, particularly Canadian musician and record producer David Foster who praised her pitch, saying: 

"You certainly did not disappoint anybody in this room. It was really a solid performance. And your pitch is great, and I hate people who sing out of tune. You sang really in tune." 

With three of the judges voting yes, Foster pressed the golden buzzer, automatically sending her to the semifinals.

Foster continued to praise her voice, saying that he could make her sound better if she would work with him, while former Spice Girls member Melanie C said that she "deserved to be on the world stage" and Indonesian singer Anggun said that "she looked like a real diva" that night.

In the final round on May 7, 2015, Flores performed her version of "The Impossible Dream" (Mitch Leigh) from the musical Man of La Mancha. 

After another standing ovation, Foster promised Flores that 

"The world is going to know about you." 

Flores garnered the third highest votes among 12 finalists, after eventual grand champion, Filipino dance group El Gamma Penumbra, and runner-up, Khusugtun. She finished second runner-up.

Last year before her birthday, Gerphil Flores made her fans in shock when she got a new look as she colored her hair blonde. 

Before I officially turn 27 on Sept 29, 2017 (Omg. 3 more years and I'm 30?!?!), I decided to color my hair blonde. Guys, don't panic, IT'S STILL ME. 😂 Everything is the same EXCEPT the hair color and hairstyle! Before you ask questions on why I did it, allow me to share with you that when it comes to my hair, I can be very indecisive and therefore, unpredictable. Before I joined Asia's Got Talent, I wanted to have the Audrey Hepburn hairstyle, so I did the "Audrey H." look (yes, the BANGS). After AGT, I wanted to cut my hair short. Now, I wanted to change the color...not because I love Khaleesi but because... Ok, I love Khaleesi. lol😂

And before Christmas she colored it back in brunette.

Last year when Anggun visited the Philippines, in an interview she described Gerphil as a modern Audrey Hepburn. She's so beautiful and she sings beautifully

Still pretty as always Gerphil.

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