This Lady Claims Daniel Padilla Asked For Her Name And Phone Number Triggered KathNiel Fans.

This Lady Claims Daniel Padilla Asked For Her Name And Phone Number Triggered KathNiel Fans.

In the showbiz industry, some of the celebrities never looked back where they came from when they reach stardom. They tend to forget their humble beginnings when they were still dreaming of what they are right now. Some of them became arrogant to their fans.

Fans that keeps their status well known and makes them more famous than before. Their career comes to an end when their fans got embarrassed on how they are treated by their arrogant idols. But not Daniel Padilla, we all know how DJ treats his fans, as his fans uploaded their once upon a time encounter with the Teen king. 

But recently a fan posted her fangirling stuff but it made KathNiel mad. 

KathNiel: So for you people that don’t know what Kathniel is here is the explanation: Kathniel is a philipino loveteam from the TV network ABS-CBN. They started on the teen show GROWING UP. Thats when this whole kathniel craze started. Every fan would wait every sunday to watch them beacuse it was just too kiligs <33 Kathniel is made up of two peoples names (the ppl in the loveteam of course) KATHRYN+DANIEL KATHNIEL!!! They are a very cute loveteam and they are very popular ever since they started. From there they have been offered to to a movie together and have been offered to take part in a new drama starting in March 2012 called The Princess and I.

Read the story:

I know that I’m old enough to post fangirling stuff but here it is.

I’ve been an avid fangirl of Daniel Padilla since I was in 6th grade I think? And since then, I’ve been following him in all his events such as mall shows, tapings, concerts etc. but I never had the chance to see him up close. I never had a single photo with him.

It’s definitely a dream come true for a fangirl like me to be able to be with him in one place, to have a chance to chat with him for a while, to hug, shake hands & “beso” with him, and of course, to be able to take cute photos and videos with him. At first I felt so shy, I gathered all the strength I had (as my face turns red bc I always blush) to go near him. He even initiated to get my bag and place it in his chair when he felt that I’m feeling a bit awkward and nervous.

It’s such a privilege to meet you, Supremo DJ!!!
Thank you so much for being so accommodating and approachable. No wonder why God has been showering you with all the blessings that you have right now. A person like you who’s transparent, humble and low key deserves all the good things in the world.

I cannot describe my feelings right at that very moment. My heart is bleeding blue! 💙


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But KathNiel fans got a screenshot of Chariss tweet that later on she deleted that made fans triggered:

"Okay so nainom ko ng straight yung cocktail ko dahil kinyuha ni DJ ang phone number and name ko. YES NAMAN MGA ATE GIRL"



Hindi naman kasi magjowa sila. Sobrang obvious na hindi gusto ni dj si kath. Wake up fans. Truth hurts

warla nnaman ang KNs haha

Beautiful nung fan. Hindi naman kelangan i-post ang buong ganap eh...picture, konting caption at isang hashtag keme keri na.

Na overwhelm nga si girl kay DP since fan sya since bata pa sya. Isa pa that’s her Instagram so she can post whatever and however she likes. May sapak lang talaga mga ibang tao.

Lahat ng celebrities may fans. Pero hindi lahat ng celebrities hinihingi phone number ng fan nya, lalo't na meron syang special someone like si Daniel.

Another Kim and Gerald story lang yan. Kung ako kay Kath ngayon palang protect your heart Kath. ikaw lang talaga masasaktan. Tulad ni Kim Chiu binigay nya lahat for Gerald Anderson pero niloko pa din sya ni Gerald. Sorry pero yun ang nakikita ko kay Kath and DJ. And in fairness maganda si Ate gurl ha kung totoo man na kinuha number nya ikaw na ginalingan mo ma syado. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

This Lady Claims Daniel Padilla Asked For Her Name And Phone Number Triggered KathNiel Fans. This Lady Claims Daniel Padilla Asked For Her Name And Phone Number Triggered KathNiel Fans. Reviewed by Tunying on January 14, 2018 Rating: 5

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  1. don't judge the girl.. it doesn't matter who ask for the number first.. they are both humans.. only difference is dj is a popular one.. let the girl enjoy her time with her idol... and let DJ enjoy his time with his fan.. iwasan nlang natin mag bigay ng negative comment.. respect them.. kasi naoobvious lang na naiingit kayo kaya hindi matanggap...