LOOK: 10 Pinoy Celebrities Who Got Hit By Pinoy Outrage On Social Media.

LOOK: 10 Pinoy Celebrities Who Got Hit By Pinoy Outrage On Social Media.

Actors and actresses often have an interview almost wherever they go. Media companies have a lot of staffs scattered all over the world. So when they spotted an actor/actress, they make sure to have at least one article regarding that star.

But sometimes, these stars have words uttered that made fans go crazy.. in a bad way. Their comments puts more gas into the fire and the social media world didn't hold back to their emotions expressing their anger and/or disagreement to the comment done by the artist.

Here is the list of some of the artists who made the netizens outraged by their comments.

Candy Pangilinan

In 2009, comedienne Candy Pangilinan made a joke during her stand-up comedy act held in SM Baguio in Baguio that went, 

“Tao po ako, hindi Igorot.” 

While some may defend her by saying that she was pertaining to the gigantic Igorot statues, the fact that she left out the word “statue” really left a bad taste in people’s mouths.

Despite her numerous apologies, Candy Pangilinan was declared an "unwelcome vistor" in Baguio City after she cracked a joke that implied that Igorots are not people.

Tricia Gosingtian

In 2011, fashion blogger Tricia Gosingtian was quoted out of context in a video interview during New York Fashion week, where she apparently said that the Philippines is “not fashion forward.” Uh-oh.

Angry Patriotic Filipinos® swarmed Tricia all over social media, demanding she recognize how creative Pinoy designers are. 

In her blog Tricia apologize

I’m sorry for the offense that some have taken from the things that I was quoted in the video with Nina Garcia. Please know that my statements in the video were only excerpts from a longer on-the-spot Q&A that we did for that video. I didn’t mean to belittle anyone with my comments, and it’s also clear from how the video was edited that the editors didn’t see any offensive content with what I said. I hope that tidbit helps even a little. Of course, we all have different perspectives on things (which has led to all this), so what might be offensive to one may not be offensive to another. So again, for those who were offended, please accept my apology.

While I will say that I am not ignorant of Filipino design talent, I will say that I was ignorant of how I could have made things look better for the Philippines without my clumsy, geeky self after having just met some of the people that inspire me. I don’t get to meet these people everyday so it was really hard to properly compose myself and my answers. There was this mixture of fear and excitement that combined to rather silly results. I’ve learned something from all of this and I’ll try better next time!

Richard Gutierrez

In 2009, at the height of Ondoy, Richard Gutierrez “attempted” to “rescue” the stranded Cristine Reyes by motorboating allegedly ignoring an old man and an infant, then promptly getting himself stranded and in need of rescuing, himself. Way to be a drain on resources! Go, you!

Wala akong kinakampihan ha, hindi lang ako makapaniwala na magpapasalamat si Cristine kay Chard kung wala talaga itong naitulong;)

Alam ng kapatid ni Christine. Sabi pa nga daw ni RG huwag na itong sumama. Para Prince to the rescue of damsel in distress... 

Vice Ganda

Vice Ganda made a fat joke and a rape joke, in rapid succession, about Jessica Soho. During his concert "I-Vice Ganda Mo 'Ko sa Araneta" the popular comedian poked fun at Soho's weight in a sketch about celebrities as bold stars.

"Tinawagan ko po kara-karaka kanina si Miss Jessica Soho. Nag-ring ang phone, sa boses pa lang alam ko na si Miss Jessica Soho. Sabi ko, 'Good morning po, pwede ko bang makausap si Miss Jessica Soho?' At sumagot, sabi niya, 'Sino ito para saan ito?' Tapos sabi ko, 'Ako po si Vice Ganda.' Tapos sabi niya, 'Si Jessica Soho ito. Pasensiya ka na kasi hindi maganda ang timpla ko ngayong araw na ito.' Kaya sabi ko naman, 'Okay po. Is it okay po if I will call you later, tomorrow or some other day?' Sabi niya, 'I don't think so,'" he narrated. 

"So sa pakiwari ko, maaring nasasaktan pa siya, nagagalit pa siya, hindi pa siya tapos doon. Hindi pa niya ako kayang patawarin kaya hindi ko nasabi ang gusto kong sabihin. At noong sinabi niyo po, Miss Jessica Soho, na you don't think na gusto niyo akong makausap maybe tomorrow, some other day or later, kaya ngayon ko na lang gagawing pampubliko ito para makarating sa inyo. 

"Ako po ay humihingi ng paumanhin. Patawad po at pinapangako ko sa inyo na hindi na kayo magiging kasama kailanman sa ano mang tema ng pagtatangghal ko. 

"'Yun lang ang nararamdaman ko at naiisip kong tamang gawin para makabawi ako kung nasaktan ko kayo. 'Yon lang po. Humihingi ako ng kapatawaran. Kung hindi niyo po ako mapatawad sa ngayon, sana balang araw ay mapatawad niyo ako dahil, inuulit ko, 'yun po ay isang biro lamang. Tulad po ng sinabi ko bago magsimula ang konsierto ko na ang lahat po ay biro lang," he said.

"Tungkol sa isyu ng rape, na ginawa ko daw katatawanan ang rape.  Lahat po nang nakapanood ng gabing 'yon ay umuwi ng bahay nila na walang naalalang rape. Pero hindi ko na ija-justify kung ano ang ginawa kong tama o mali. Gusto ko lang klaruhin sa lahat na hindi ko po kailanman gugustuhing kukutyain ang rape victims. Wala akong intention na masama, na pagtawanan ang rape victims," he said.

"Gayun pa man, kung mayroon pong nasaktan, humihingi po ako ng paumanhin at sa lahat ng nakisali sa maliit na isyung ito na pinalaki ng pinalaki na naging national isyu na nagsimula sa isang biro. Kung hindi niyo nagustuhan ang biro ko, paumanhin sa inyo," he said.

"Ako po ay tao, mukha lang akong kabayo. Hindi ako perpektong komedyante at alam ko sa sarili ko na hindi lahat ng joke ko ay nakakatawa. Mayroong isang tao na magsasabing hindi ako natawa, depende 'yan kung paano mo tatanggapin. Gayun pa man, mula sa puso ko, humihingi ako ng paumanhin. 

"Sana tapusin na natin ang isyu na ito at pinapanalangin ko na mapatawad ako. Sa lahat ng mga nagsalita sa akin ng masama, lalo na 'yung hindi nakapanood at nakaparinig lang, okay lang. Kung hindi niyo ako naunawaan, ako ang uunawa sa inyo," he added.

Meanwhile, Soho issued a statement on the comedian's public apology, which was published on the GMA7 website.

"I acknowledge the public apology given by Vice Ganda, by way of his TV program, I sincerely hope and pray that this was done with the purest intentions and determination to put this issue behind us,"

Tim Yap

During an Eraserheads reunion concert, while singing “Toyang,” front man Ely Buendia passed the mic to Tim Yap so he could sing along. Tim promptly betrayed his lack of knowledge of the band by shouting out “PEN PEN PEN!” like a troglodyte because he clearly had no idea what the lyrics were. What. A. Poser.

Diether Ocampo

Back in 2002, Actor Diether Ocampo thought he could bring the house down by acknowledging the thousands of people who attended the 9th NU Rock Awards.

Ocampo was one of the presentors in the yearly rock awards organized by radio station NU 107. Before announcing the nominees for "Band of the Year," Ocampo remarked, "Ang daming jologs dito (what a lot of cheap punks there are here)." His statement was met by violent "boos" and dirty fingers from the shirt-less slamdancing audience.

Ocampo thought he could fix the situation by saying "Jologs din ako! (I'm a cheap punk too)," but by then the audience was too angry and not even the intimidating bouncers could stop them from throwing mineral water bottles, beer cups and softdrink crowns at the presentor.

Violence erupted as people immediately started throwing water bottles and beer cans and God knows what else at Diether, and Ricky Kwek, Diether’s co-presenter/innocent bystander. People were riled up, exclaiming things like “jologs daw, mga pare,” and “t*ngina mo, Diether!” A number of audience members also reportedly waited for Diether after the show, hoping to get a piece of him.

Willie Revillame

In 2011, during one of Willie Revillame’s segments for “Willing Willie,” a 6-year old boy named Jan-Jan started dancing what was unmistakably moves taken from Adonis. 

In between bantering with the kid and his rapid vacillation between crying and dancing, watching the segment was cringe-inducing, even for someone like me who had no kids. Willie was accused of child abuse and exploitation, and was sued over it. Willie, in a tirade against his detractors, took shots at a whole bunch of people, including Jim Paredes and Aiza Seguerra. 

In a delectable bit of irony, Willie pretty much questioned Jim Paredes about what he has done for the country, which I hope, for his sake, was a completely rhetorical question.

Ramon Bautista

Ramon Bautista joked, “ang daming hipon dito sa Davao,” which is, of course, slang for someone who has a sexy body but an unappealing face. 

"Hipon" is the Filipino word for shrimp. It is a pejorative term used in some circles for rating people in terms of physique and facial features, as most diners only eat the bodies of shrimps and throw away the heads.

Just like Candy Pangilinan, Ramon was declared “persona non grata” by Davao city officials. The biggest difference between people booing him and government intervention is that one upholds free speech while the other stifles it. 

Despite his apologies, comedian Ramon Bautista is no longer welcome in Davao City after he was declared persona non grata by the city council.

The resolution noted that "the Women Development Code of Davao City defines Mr. Bautista's actions under other forms of sexual harassment."

Joey de Leon

Joey de Leon  was called out by people online regarding his statement on depression.

Yung depression, gawa-gawa lang ng mga tao iyan. Gawa nila sa sarili nila." 

"Hindi, huwag n'yo suportahan. Gawa-gawa lang nila iyon."

His statement on EB's segment made netizens mad at him saying he was very insensitive.

Mariel de Leon 

"Ew" Beauty queen Mariel de Leon's tweet over Joey de Leon's depression statements received negative comments from netizens.

“Depression isn’t a joke. Same last name, but thank God we’re not related. Ew. Shame on him and people who think like him,” Mariel tweeted

Later on Mariel apologizes and posted her apology on her Twitter

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