Carlos Agassi finally Speaks Up About His Recent "San City Ka?" Controversy Elicited Mixed Reactions From Netizens.

Carlos Agassi finally Speaks Up About His Recent "San City Ka?" Controversy Elicited Mixed Reactions From Netizens.

Social media are computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks.

It became an easy access to communicate to our love ones abroad or to those we seldom see. 

Though it may benefits us more, but for some users social media can also do you harm, if not used wisely or if they abuse the power of social media. Netizens often used social media to upload some screenshots to bashed someone, whether an ordinary persons, politicians and most especially celebrities.

Like what this netizen did to Carlos Agassi, she uploaded a series of screenshots where you can see Carlos trying to hit up random women.

Mostly of the screenshots you can see the actor asking the women to meet with him.

Some netizens tagged Carlos as Pambansang Fccboi, Tirador and the likes. It went viral because Carlos Agassi is a celebrity.

After this much hype controversy on social media, Carlos Agassi finally speaks up about this viral screenshots. On his Instagram account he posted his photo captioned:

carlosagass: I’m single and enjoying my life as long as I follow by Gods rules and mans rules πŸ™πŸ» TNx for making me famous on social media ;) some of them may be true and most not ;) I’m only human and a man :-) so again thank you and if the people I care about are affected I’m sincerely sorry , didn’t want any of u to get hurt :-) I’m just a single man living life and hopefully I find my soul mate :) funny thing most of the women there are the ones who messaged me and They just screen shot what makes them look good πŸ™ˆ some stories u hear may be true or may be not true :) enjoy and do what makes u happy :) God bless u all, 

p.s. learned a lot from this so to all the people direct messaging me sorry would love to meet u but can’t baka mamaya u just wanna be famous :) Kanye famous :) love u peace out #tirador #lodi #petmalu #fuckboi just making fun of the stupid situation I put myself into. 

To those dealing with depression or contemplating to commit suicide, please remember you are loved, don’t let the negativity of the world or other people affect u, remember everyone makes mistakes no one is perfect, so please love yourself πŸ˜‡you are loved ❤️

To those trying to put others down especially u don’t know them I hope di Po kayo makarma as in Baka di nyo kayanin. And what’s worse u might be the reason the person commits suicide , I pray for your enlightenment even if your catholic or not, there is one true God :) to those haters this is me not making malinis but stating facts :) haha fuck you love your Pambansang fckboi πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ€£πŸ˜πŸ˜Ž✌🏼 and just so u know I’m a straight forward honest man that respects women :) #hatersgonnahate #loveit lover not a fighter πŸ’• the art of deadma😘life goes on πŸ˜‡ 
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Here are some of mixed reactions of netizens:

Tama nman. Single sya ready to mingle. Also tama din d nman pinakita messages from start to finish bka screen shot lang yung mkulit na sya. Wala nman sya foul na message ah. Puro kita tayo lets meet busy ka ba? Whats wrong with that? Cut him some slack you guys!

talking about God, and then "fuck" sa bandang huli.. nice..

Oa nman kase ng iba. Papeymus ren! Im sure di lang nman si carlos nagtangkang ihook up sila. Nagkataon lang artista kaya me i screen shot sila

Bakit ba nagagalit yung mga babae in the first place? Wala naman nasabi sa posts and comments nila na binastos sila or kahit hinipuan. I mean, anong hanash? Di rin naman sila gf. Inaya sila lumabas sumama sila and muka namang walang ginawang masama si carlos. Ano yun? Nag unite ang mga umasa?

 Tapos sabay sabay pa and ang dami dami. Tapos naghahanap ng soulmate. Eh sino seseryoso sa kanya if ganun s’ya?

He's right tho. If it's between two consenting adults, ano ba ang paki natin? At least he's asking for permission. He's not forcing himself on women. Kung ayaw mo sa kanya, u can always say no and he'd find another willing girl to sleep with him. What they do behind closed doors should just remain their business, not ours. Live and let live. If he wants to fuck around, let him. Buhay nya yon. BTW, Im not Carlos. Im just over the hypocrisy and self-righteousness of so many people.

This is what's wrong with social media. Trial by publicity. Just like what's happening in Hollywood about women speaking out against rape. It's quite easy to condemn men even if they're not yet proven guilty. In Carlo's case, it's not like he just grab a woman on a bar or beach resort. They started through text which means women has the choice AND power to take control of the situation to either go along with him or just say NO period. If you think about it, what he did is what any single men do. Go out with women and have some fun. He didn't force them. And the funniest and most ironic thing about this situation is, the women saying KADIRI sya at manyak sya are those women who didn't actually went out with him but just some friends or someone who knows the women who went out or chatted with him.

Sample lang to kung paano gamitin ang internet para sirain ang isang tao. To think na yung mga screenshot eh simpleng nagyayaya lang to go out with him. Ni walang halong pambabastos o pananakot/pamimilit. Nasa babae kung ayaw niya o gusto. Kitang kita naman na yung iba, sumasagot naman sa mga text niya. Unless may sumigaw ng rape or sexual abuse, saka natin ideretso sa pulis at hayaang irpove siya na guilty at hindi itong trial through social media ang ginagawa natin.

Carlos Agassi finally Speaks Up About His Recent "San City Ka?" Controversy Elicited Mixed Reactions From Netizens. Carlos Agassi finally Speaks Up About His Recent "San City Ka?" Controversy Elicited Mixed Reactions From Netizens. Reviewed by Tunying on February 04, 2018 Rating: 5

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