Ex Pinoy Big Brother Housemates Turned FHM Models.

Ex Pinoy Big Brother Housemates Turned FHM Models.

FHM - For Him Magazine is a defunct UK monthly men's lifestyle magazine. It contained features such as the FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World, which has featured models, TV presenters, reality stars and singers.

FHM has been very exciting through the years. Taking an unknown hot babe into their cover of their latest issue. And some of their ladies came from the Pinoy Big Brother. Scroll down to meet some of the nastiest PBB hotties who were featured on their page over the years.

PBB Appearance: 2008, PBB Teen Edition 
FHM Appearance: August 2014

Beauty Gonzalez, first burst into the showbiz scene as a Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition housemate back in 2008.

Dubbed as the Rebellious Beauty from Dumaguete, she gained notoriety for being frank and, uhm, gaining weight inside the famous house.

But that's all in the past now, because we all know how things (sexily) turned out for her. Damn!

PBB Appearance: 2005, PBB Season 1 
FHM Appearance: June 2004

The sexy Davaoeña was part of the first-ever batch of PBB housemates in 2005. As her batch's resident hottie, Cass totally brought the heat with her daring attitude. Her male housemates were all eyes on her the entire time she was there. 

PBB Appearance: 2006, PBB Celebrity Edition 
FHM Appearance: June 2004 (cover girl)

Aleck entered the house with a few extra baggage due to a health condition that made her gain a few unwanted pounds. All the same, we still haven't forgotten how hot she was.

PBB Appearance: 2006, PBB Celebrity Edition 
FHM Appearance: July 2013 (1st appearance), June 2014 Online Babe

Before Roxee transformed herself into the bombshell that she is now, the former child star first bloomed inside Kuya's house.

PBB Appearance: 2006, PBB Teen Edition
FHM Appearance: March 2008 (cover with Hazel Ann Mendoza), August 2011 (cover)

Niña garnered mixed reactions during her stint. Many saw her as an annoying sosyalera while others accepted her kikay attitude. Given her numerous FHM appearances, you know we're part of the latter. Now, back to that GIF...

PBB Appearance: 2006, PBB Teen Edition
FHM Appearance: May 2007 (cover girl), FHM Online Babe September 2008

We really owe Big Brother for making Jamilla FHM-ready. After exiting the house, it didn't take long for us to pursue her for a much deserved cover shoot.

PBB Appearance: 2008, PBB Celebrity Edition
FHM Appearance: October 2007 (cover girl)

We got first dibs on the former beauty queen by putting her on our October 2007 cover, so we were super excited when we first learned that she was going inside Kuya's house.

PBB Appearance: 2007 Edition
FHM Appearance: October 2010 (cover girl with Jef Gaitan)

When Wendy was introduced as a housemate, the feisty pageant veteran instantly became one of the favorites. Why? The video above explains everything.

PBB Appearance: 2009, PBB Double Up
FHM Appearance: Two-time Philippines' Finest (2010, 2011),  July 2010 and December 2011 (cover girl)

Hats off to Kuya for introducing us to Sam!

PBB Appearance: 2011, PBB Unlimited
FHM Appearance: FHM columnist (Sex M.D.), July 2010 (1st appearance)

Though Jahziel opted for a voluntary exit, her positive and no kiyeme attitude still made us proud.

PBB Appearance: 2011, PBB Unlimited 
FHM Appearance: September 2012

Kim was the hyper chick of her batch. She was usually seen strolling around the house in a wheelchair, or dancing her way out of every given task.

PBB Appearance: 2011, PBB Unlimited 
FHM Appearance: June 2014

Divine was a total game changer during her stint. A self-confessed lesbian, she proved that you don't need to act and dress like a man even if you swing the other way. Also, she's sexay!

Well, you are one of the beautiful women of the Philippines…

No, it’s just more of me perv-ing on them, ha ha! I wanted to do something different, something that would make me push myself, and this was really stepping out of my comfort zone. Because I don’t even go to the pool without my boardshorts on.

PBB Appearance: 2010 PBB Teen Clash
FHM Appearance : 2015

former "Pinoy Big Brother" housemate Tricia Santos is shedding her cute image as she debuts as an FHM babe in the latest issue of the men's magazine.

Santos, 19, was one of 27 housemates in the "Teen Clash" edition of "Pinoy Big Brother" in 2010. She was evicted on day 63. James Reid, who is now an actor, won that season.

PBB Appearance: 2012 PBB Teen Edition
FHM Appearance : 2014

The 19-year old star admitted that she had hesitations at first posing for the magazine because people might judge her. But after meeting with the staff of FHM, she was convinced that it was going to be a fun experience. 

“Natatakot ako noonthere is always that stereotype and people will always box you into something pero ‘yung sa akin naman kasi… I couldn’t sleep nong in-offer sa akin but when I’ve met up na with the staff ng FHM, when they offered me their themes and concepts and the people na makakatrabaho ko, the photographer, the make-up artist parang bigla kong na-realize na parang masaya naman siya basically like cosplaying pero sexier and it's different side na mas aabangan ng mga tao kaya ko siya tinanggap.”

PBB Appearance: 2015 Pinoy Big Brother 737
FHM Appearance : February 2016

Here she is, your dance partner, and FHM's February 2016 Cover Girl, 

The former member of the dance crew Hot Legs sure knows how to pay homage to her old group, doesn't she? Now, months removed from her Pinoy Big Brother 737 stint, she sets foot on an entirely different dance floor: our cover.

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