"KADIRI" Bela Padilla Tagged As 'Another Girl' Of Teen King Daniel Padilla.

"KADIRI" Bela Padilla Tagged As 'Another Girl' Of Teen King Daniel Padilla.

In showbiz industry it is not that easy yo have a name on your own. It is either you have connections or you have a good bloodline, meaning you have relatives in the industry and they have well known in showbiz. 

For some when our idols' relatives or other siblings enter into showbiz, fans tend to support them as well. But not in the case of Bela Padilla.

Recently when she uploaded her photo with Teen King Daniel Padilla, Bela didn't expect to received a lot of hatred, some says from KathNiel fans, who tagged Bela as the 'other girl' 

In an interview in Tonight With Boy Abunda, Bela said

“Medyo I’m very cool about these things. I honestly don’t care.

"And when I posted it, and when I saw the comment, I didn’t care at that time.

“Pero nung nakita ko na dumami nang dumami, tapos ang dami nang nag-a-argue...

"'Tapos nairita na rin po ako kasi parang, first of all, why do you have to keep questioning it?

“You guys don’t know we all grew up with each other.

"I would spend summers in Tito Robin’s [Padilla] house. I grew up with his daughters.

“Parang, I just feel, like, ‘Why does my blood has to be questioned?'"

Diin pa ng aktres, “No, I’m not a Padilla, I’m a Sullivan 'coz my dad is British.

"But we share the same blood. 'Coz we’re all Cariños.

"So, parang I just feel like parang pauli-ulit.”

“And we're very clannish. So, growing up, I didn’t have a barkada so much, what I have are cousins.”

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“I saw a few comments that I deleted 'coz I got offended na parang they said… na parang they were pissed off na Daniel was in a picture with another girl.

“Parang they were putting color into it. So, I deleted those kasi kadiri, e, magpinsan kami.

“So, yun, dinelete ko, kasi parang nag-post ka ng masayang photos..."

According to Bela "Si DJ [Daniel] ang tumawag sa akin na nasa ASAP kami together.

"He informed me na Tito Robin is backstage, puntahan namin.

"So, alam mo yun, na it’s very rare na nga na we see each other 'coz our schedules are always so bad.

“Pero ako, okay lang naman. Yun lang, huwag na sanang paulit-ulit.

"Kung hindi pinsan, e, di sige, hindi ko na lang siya pinsan, matapos na lang."

"KADIRI" Bela Padilla Tagged As 'Another Girl' Of Teen King Daniel Padilla. "KADIRI" Bela Padilla Tagged As 'Another Girl' Of Teen King Daniel Padilla. Reviewed by Tunying on February 07, 2018 Rating: 5

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