"Kanin Nakabalot Sa Garbage Bag" This Lady Allegedly Ruined The Most Important Day Of Her Client.

"Kanin Nakabalot Sa Garbage Bag" This Lady Allegedly Ruined The Most Important Day Of Her Client.

Wedding ceremonies serve several purposes and they are often a cherished moment in a couple's history.

And wedding is the symbol of commitment and the foundation of your love to your partner. It’s a declaration to the whole world of your unquestionable affection to your spouse.

It is the most important day in woman's life and as much as possible they want it to be perfect day. But this netizen's wedding turned to a nightmare as her caterer didn't show up in the actual day.

Read her story:


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Its been a month i gave her time to apologize and make things right.It's time to speak the truth!

Catering set up and full  flower arrangement by M******* Kitchen Banquet and Catering on December 23,2017.

We made full payment (with receipt and contract ) a month before the wedding including additional pax.Each time we pay we meet with Private owner /Chef Mendoza Cabotage " Edhel - Marie" as she introduced herself.She has receipt and contract which made me felt confident about her service.

Everything was endorsed early, noticed she asked details repeatedly but i ignored(should have not), once i made full payment i wss told that one of the inclusions the flowers for entourage will not be  inlcuded and 8k will be the cost.I decided i will just get it from another vendor  but confirmed that floeers for the church is part of the package as stated on the contract.

Since i am already fully paid i didnt want to make it a big issue and i wanted to keep the relationship with the caterer in  good condition.I want all things positive , full of good vibes before the wedding.

December 23 came we woke up early i made follow ups sent message to Edhel thru fb and text  which i didnt get responses with so i thought too early.

I i formed her that venue set up can start at 7 am but 8:30 am the venue owner texted me na wala pang nadating para mag set up i asked my coordinator to call Edhel and she was told that mabilis lang sila magset up and on the way na sila so i calmed myself.9:30 am wla pa din tao sa venue as texted by the owner.1030 on the way na ko sa church wla pa din daw nadating para magset up.Nanlamig nako so pagdating sa church tinawag ko ang coordinator ko para magfollow up kay Edhel at sabi nya kakatwag lang  daw nya at eto ang sabi sa kanya" andyan na ang staffs ko busy ako".

So kinausap ng brother ko at ang sabi naman nya malelate lang daw sila kasi kala nya 4 pm pa ang reception kahit nasa contract na 12  ang reception at  sa mga convo nafinalized na 1045 ang ceremony at 12 ang reception.Bago ako bumaba sa sasaktan nagsabi na din si Coordinator na wla kaming flowers sa church nalungkot ako kasi syang namn kasama yun sa binayaran ko  pero that  mas nagworry ako na wla pang nagseset up sa venue kasi 1045  na  then  12 ang reception.

Natapos ang ceremony ng 1145 on the way pa din ang sagot ng caterer.
Nagtulungan na ang ibang suppliers and vendors para idelay ang programme dumatng ang visitor sa venue ng 1230 wla pa din tables and chairs.1:45 na dumatng ang tables and chairs and instead of 18 round table at 8 lang at ang alam ng waiters ay bday ang event.

Nagstart ang programme ng 3pm wla pa din ang food, 3:45 dumatng yung food na binili ng friend ko pero ang food and drinks from caterer wla pa din.

Naguuwian na ang mga tao may dmatng na jeep hindi catering truck may 3 tray ng food na inakyat ( halos pang 20 pax lang ang esimate ko ) at kanin nakabalot sa garbage bag.160 pax ang binayaran namin at sinu pa kakain nyan eh nagsisiuwian na mga tao.

I cant believe what happened yung ilang buwan na preparation sinira ng supplier na to.For more than a month i am waiting for explanation and apologies but there was not any attempt to do that.She even blocked me on FB.

I think she does not  have any remorse at all.
If you are a kind  person as you say on all your posts, make things right don't run away from your responsibilities.To all my friends and family lets us be very careful in dealing with people we barely knew. Dont ignore small issues  with suppliers if you are a client paying.

"Kanin Nakabalot Sa Garbage Bag" This Lady Allegedly Ruined The Most Important Day Of Her Client. "Kanin Nakabalot Sa Garbage Bag" This Lady Allegedly Ruined The Most Important Day Of Her Client. Reviewed by Tunying on February 02, 2018 Rating: 5

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