Remember Viva Hot Babes Sheree? Where Is She Now?

Remember Viva Hot Babes Sheree? Where Is She Now?

15 years ago when Viva decided to introduced the group we have come to know as the Viva Hot Babes. With Maui Taylor, Andrea del Rosario, and Katya Santos leading the way, it was a surefire hit of a formula that took the country by storm.

Their group became a household name that give Viva a huge money. Viva Hot Babes became popular through sheer sx appeal. 

The group rose to fame after the release of Hotstuff and Hotstuff 2 pornographic magazines, which created a stir in the early 2000s. Their debut single "Bulaklak" was one of the most controversial and critically panned songs of the 2000s, due to its double entendre and underlying sx themes. 

So where are the members of Viva Hot Babes now?

Sheree was one of the most popular members of the Hot Babes, and you don’t really need to ask why. She has always been on and off showbiz, and had a long-time relationship with Gian Magdangal , which ended in 2013.

Sheree first rose to fame as a lead vocalist in a band. Then she got a lot pf TV guesting before landing in Viva Hot Babes and became a cover girl in one of the most populat men's magazine in 2010

Where is Sheree now? Sheree is still a beautiful mother to Gian Hailey, her adorable son who loves to sing but wants to become a pilot someday. She currently is a professional singer, often doing a lot of shows all over the country, sometimes with known mentalist, Nomer “MindMaster” Lasala.

While Sheree was on top of her game in showbiz industry, she was the one who revealed that Aubey Miles already has a kid. That revelation made their friendship ends.

After giving birth to her son with her then long time boyfriend Gian Madrigal. Sheree left showbiz

In 2017 she became a part of GMA show Pinulot ka lang sa lupa and Encantadia.

she also shared her "Balik alindog probram"

"Naisipan kong mag-gym kasi siyempre, I'm not getting any younger, and at the same time, for health reasons to avoid sickness and depression,"

She also added that lack of activity may lead to anxiety and depression

"'Yung isa sa mga cause ng depression tsaka 'yung anxiety 'yung wala ka talagang ginagawa. There was a time wala talaga akong ginagawa na shows. So I decided to do something for myself which is workout."

"Mas maaga akong nagigising at hindi ako lousy. Kumbaga 'pag gumigising ako nang maaga, alam ko na may energy na ako agad. Mas lumakas 'yung immune system ko nu'ng nag-start akong mag-gym."

Aside from gym Sheree is also active in boxing and kick boxing.

She is now a part of a upcoming movie Cry No Fear with Ella Cruz and Donalyn Bartolome.

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