Sexy Stars Of The 90s. Where Are They Now After Leaving Showbiz?

Sexy Stars Of The 90s. Where Are They Now After Leaving Showbiz?

Before SM Cinemas banned Rated 18 films being shown in their theatres, Philippine cinema boomed during the '90s because of the infamous "Pito-Pito Films", which most of the movies are made in less than 10 days and has a budget between 1M-2.5M in pesos.

Most of these Pito-Pito Films were sexy ones, a.k.a Titillating Films or TF Films. Which most of the sexy stars were known such as Ynez Veneracion, Aya Medel, Rosanna Roces to name the few.

After the '90s, some of these actresses are still active in the showbiz industry such as Francine Prieto. But where are the other stars that were known that time?

Aya Medel

Best Known As: The “Papaya Queen,” for two very obvious reasons.

Currently Busy As: After she left showbiz in 2002, she got married with her Japanese boyfriend named Yoji Hayakawa, a businessman.

A mother, a businesswoman, a chef, having graduated from the Center of Asian Culinary Studies.

Sabrina M.


Best Known As: The petite bombshell who was among the first to jump on the TF bandwagon that Rosanna Roces started.

Currently Busy As: A very controversial cog in the Dominguez Carnap Gang Syndicate. While she is not directly involved in the carnapping ring, her best friend, former sexy star Katrina Paula, was reportedly linked with one of the leaders of the group.

District arrested Sabrina M. A video also circulated online that the sexy star was seen using shabu.

Rodel Velayo

Best Known As: The Burlesk King.

Burlesk King is the second film in the gay-themed trilogy of Mel Chionglo and Ricky Lee about the lives of macho dancers, men who work as strippers in Manila's gay bars. 

Currently Busy As: A loving husband to fellow TF star Daniella, and a father to their kids.

Glydel Mercado

Best Known As: The White Castle Whiskey girl, before she started taking on daring films. She also won all the local supporting actress awards for the film Sidhi in 2000.

Currently Busy As: She was married to actor Tonton Gutierrez on March 15, 2004, at the Sanctuario de San Antonio Parish, Forbes Park, Makati City. She is mother of two, Annyza, and Annyka.

Priscilla Almeda

Best Known As: Abby Viduya, the former girl-next-door love interest of the Gwapings who ended up rebelling and having arguably some of the most daring films in the ‘90s, Sariwa being the most infamous of them all.

Currently Busy As: Allegedly, a TNT in Japan. Abby Viduya, a.k.a. Priscilla Almeda, is settling to a low-key life with a sparkle in her eyes in the laid-back city of Ichihara in eastern Japan.

Leandro Baldemor

Best Known As: The man who got a taste of the titular “Pinya” in the cleverly titled film Patikim… ng Pinya. 

Leandro Baldemor (Jeffrie Z. Baldemor in real life) was one of Seiko Film’s bold jewels during the late 1990s. Together with his contemporaries Rodel Velayo and Leonardo Litton, he inherited the throne that Gardo Versoza left when he went mainstream

Currently Busy As: A wood sculptor in Paete, Laguna. He’s still active in showbiz, though, as a Kapuso.

Amanda Page

Best Known As: Arguably one of the most controversial interviews, back in her day, and yes, her gorgeous Fil-Am looks.

Currently Busy As: A nurse in Staten island, and sorry boys, she’s married.

Rosanna Roces

Best Known As: The original “flawless” queen, and the one who started the whole TF trend in the first place with the now-memorable Machete 2. 

Currently Busy With: Getting into very physical altercations with her own son. She’s still active in showbiz, but we only seem to hear her name whenever she’s fighting with someone.

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