Tabing Ilog Cast: Where Are They Now?

Tabing Ilog Cast: Where Are They Now?

Tabing Ilog is a youth-oriented Filipino television drama series which aired on ABS-CBN Channel 2 for more than four years from late 1990s to the early 2000s. 

It was topbilled by Paula Peralejo, John Lloyd Cruz, Patrick Garcia, Jodi Sta. Maria, Paolo Contis, Desiree del Valle, Baron Geisler and Kaye Abad which the story circulates on their friendship and find their paths in finding new friends. The show was extremely popular and till this day is being referenced in Philippine pop culture.

The premise of the series focuses on the friendship of best friends Anne, Eds, Badong, James, Rovic, Fonzy, Corrine and George.

1. John Lloyd Cruz

Who would've thought that this boy would grow up to be one of the country's most bankable leading men? 

John Lloyd played a stereotypical probinsyano in his first high-profile role in Gimik and most of that characterization carried over to his stint on Tabing Ilog. 

He retained his chubby cheeked cuteness but Lloydie has come a long way from Koolits to Kanto Boys. Well, he's still arguably the Kapamilya network's top star, isn't he?

He is now on indefinete leave, having quality time with rumored girlfriend Ellen Adarna, who said to be pregnant with his child.

Though his lovelife is often the subject of controversy, very few people could openly say a single bad thing abount John Lloyd because he never fails to deliver the goods when the cameras are rolling.

2. Kaye Abad

Her loveteam with John Lloyd Cruz definitely did wonders for both of their careers, and made both of them forces to be reckoned with in show business for a long time. 

Kaye's TV time was whittled down to performances in MMK post Tabing Ilog and she was more famous for being Parokya ni Edgar vocalist Chito Miranda's girlfriend.

Today, she is not that active in showbiz anymore and is happily married to ex-PBB housemate PAul Jake Castillo. 

Kaye is now enjoying the motherhood.

3. Jodi Sta Maria

Her big eyes and full lips had boys crushing on her from the onset. Jodi was paired up with Baron Geisler which she dated during their Tabing ilog days.

After taking on supporting roles since Tabing Ilog, a major turn in her career happened in 2012 when she was cast in the record-holding daytime show Be Careful With My Heart as Maya dela Rosa. Their partnership both catapulted them to stardom. Eventually, Jodi started getting huge roles in a number of projects like that of Amor Powers in the Pangako Sa'yo remake where she was paired with Ian Veneracion.

She is now finishing her degree at Southville International School and Colleges.

4. Baron Geisler

The then-young actor has a pretty stellar career on paper. He has appeared in numerous films, most of them are critically acclaimed.

With his inner demons ofter getting  the best of this clearly talented performer, you keep hoping that someday, he will finally just pull a Robert Downey Jr. and clean up his life. 

Baron has hogged headlines for the controversies that he gets involved in. Baron has been embroiled in a number of altercation even with his co star indi film actor Pen Medina. His latest controversy was in Tomas Morato Quezon City,  unjust vexation and alarm and scandal.

For the start of 2018 Baron's New Year Resolution "Goodbye old me"  A sign that he will try to change for the better.

5. Patrick Garcia

Probably the only original pairing in the show that did not cross over from reel to real life. Patrick Garcia was paired with Paula Peralejo in an effort to mutually boost their stock.

A fall from grace came after public opinion turned against him during erstwhile romance with Jennylyn Mercado, especially when it came out that he misses ponying up for child support.

He is already married to his non-showbiz girlfriend, Nikka Martinez and already have four kids including Jazz Mercado. He is still part of the Kapamilya network and he was last sen on the TV show All of Me.

6. Paula Peralejo

Paula Peralejo was high profile during the time of the show. Having high hopes due to her sister's success, ABS-CBN were betting that Paula would achieve similar levels of popularity, and to a large extent, she did get that.

Paula left showbiz to finish her studies in UP Diliman. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy minor in Tourism.

She is now married and is proud to have explored 73 of 81 provinces in the Philippines. Paula is currently busy with blogging and maintaining her travel agency called Our Restless Feet Travel and Tours.

7. Paolo Contis

His stint on this show went a long way in shaking off the child-star image he incurred by being a part of the long-running sitcom Oki Doki Doc.

Contis left ABS-CBN after Tabing Ilog and molded himself into both a comedian and a villain. Contis isn't quite what like Lloydie is in the industry, but he is never without work. 

His romantic life, on the other hand, isn't as smooth. Still embroiled in an annulment with his wife, former EB Babe Lian Paz and is making headlines for being in a relationship with actress LJ Reyes. 

8. Desiree Del Valle 

A stunning beauty then adn now, Desiree Del Valler never quite achieved super-stardom, but has always been reliable at playing villain characters throughout her career.

She had a brief affairs with GMA, appearing in the 7th installment of Now and Forever, Dangal and Kung Ako Ikaw, but has remained in ABS-CBN since 2005.

They got married last January 14 in South Lake Tahoe, a resort city in Califonia.

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