Bela Padilla Responds To Netizen Who Called Her "Banlag".

Bela Padilla Responds To Netizen Who Called Her "Banlag".

On Twitter world were a netizen with a username @phenomenalexx uploaded a photo of Bela Padilla asking the actress if she's 'banlag'

 Bela Padilla replied to the question by saying "Yes, I am :)"

Netizen did not expect that the actress will see and respond to her tweet and apologized and asked if Bela was hurt. 

Netizens always have their eyes on almost all of the celebrities on the social media. They always have something to say when some artists gave their thoughts on anything.

That's why some of the celebrities became victims of body shamers on the internet.

Just recently, Bela Padilla when she uploaded her unedited photo on her Instagram account.

belapadilla I mean. I can get used to this office. #seamasteraquaterra @omega

Some of them commented saying how pretty Bela is, but some pointed out her belly.

dayangdchs Ganda kahit may belly!

deveelkween love the belly 💚💚

princess16 See pareho lang kami ng puson..wahahaha.d din sya perfevt bod pero she's effin hot!!! @bigazzhappy

joshuahaiasi Hahaha tummy

soulbanker Kape kape sa beach

christiandavedechavez @charlsoncollado so can we call her belly padilla? Hahah waley uwi na ako

the.mrs.kimmy1 when I was still weighing bet. 48-50kg i have a slight belly and kept asking myself bakit ganun i get belly pag naka-upo yun naman pala kasi yung ibang photo eh either photoshop or naka-angle lang para hindi mahalata yung extra fats ... kudos @belapadilla for showing the people the reality of a woman's body .. you're amazing for being real

On her Twitter account, Bela Padilla fires back those who body shamed her.

"Shocked by the number of comments on my IG post, pointing out that I have a belly. "

"Yes I do. It holds in my organs that I need to live. It has a layer of muscles that I worked hard for in the gym and a layer of fat from the food I enjoy to eat." 

"Deal with it. PLUS I’m seated 😝"

She also added her opinion about those others who chose to edit photos just to look perfect.

"Would it have made you more comfortable if I edited my photo to perfection? Because I could have easily done that."

"But what message does it send to the younger ones? That our photos are only likeable when we’re perfect in photos?" 

"Not from me. NEVER."

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