Matteo Guidicelli Responds To Netizens Comments.

Matteo Guidicelli Responds To Netizens Comments.

Probably one of the low-key relationship in showbiz industry are actor Matteo Guidicelli with current girlfriend Sarah Geronimo, but there's no perfect relationship without issues.

And lately, despite the fact that the actor is already in a relationship, and seems stable and secure, there's a flirting allegation which involved him and a staff/crew on Bagani's set caught on cam.

On Twitter @rushgreys tweeted a photo of Matteo carrying a girl with a captioned

"Pa simpleng Flirting 101 by master @mateoguidicelli. iba din naman diba girl @justsarahG?

 Matteo Guidicelli replied "Tha'ts working out, id*ot.

It was not the first time Matteo encounter such issue. The last time was his co-star, a Cebu based model Sasha Tajaran which both parties denied.

Sasha is a Cebu-trained Romblon native being groomed for Bb. Pilipinas 2016, She is a photographic model for some of the more notable lensmen in the Queen City of the South

And upon the stirring allegations, Sasha could not help but response to it and clarify herself along explaining what really happened in Cebu.

On her Instagram account, she shared her sentiments about the issue after a netizen has sent her a direct message asking if the rumors were true.

The fan asked her if she and Matteo have dated in Cebu and that someone saw them together and making an issue about it with the fact that the actor is already taken.

Here are some of netizens reactions:

Sa IG yan ni Rayver kasi nasa set sila ng Bagani at while on break ay nagwo-work out sila nina Matteo at Makisig. Yung girl ay one of the staff/crew & they are just having fun at nagkakatuwaan. Binigyan naman agad ng ibang meaning at malisya ng iba. I'm sure SG won't make a big deal or fuzz about that. Birthday na din ni Matteo sa Mon. kaya for sure na may celebration sila together sa new resto ni Matteo.

Ang dami talagang makitid ang utak at mahilig umastang holier than thou without knowing the whole story. I pity them!

Jusko, ang kikitid ng utak! Ang dami na palang di pwedeng gawin kapag may gf. Di ba pwede magkatuwaan lang? Walang malisya whatsoever...

kung ganyan kayong mga babae mag isip sa mga jowa nnyo goodluck having a relationship. di lahat ng nakikita sa pic dapat bigyan ng malisya. im a girl also and i dont see anything wrong.

Kahit katuwaan pa yan, kung bf ko gaganyan di ako matutuwa

You can't assume that he won't be okay with it specially if they all know each other. Why do u think he had no problem posting it? That means no big deal to him and no big deal to Sarah. The only who made a big deal are those with makitid minds. If my hubby did that with one of our friends, I wouldn't be mad. Daming insecure dito!

They were on the set at walang sako ng bigas. Would you care to donate one para next time yun na ang bubuhatin niya?

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