Meet Tony Labrusca's Stunning Mom. Angel Jones Of Kulay Band.

Meet Tony Labrusca's Stunning Mom. Angel Jones Of Kulay Band.

In 1995, Kulay released its debut album 100,000 Worth of Karma. Boom, Jeannie and Radha as Kulay was very successful. In 1997, the group got signed internationally. Kulay seemed to have everything going for them, until an unfateful day came. 

Just two weeks after getting signed internationally, Jeannie died of an epileptic seizure. Jeannie’s passing hit home for Boom and Radha

Kulay held an audition and found Angel Jones. They took her in and a new Kulay was formed.

“She can hold a note and she can entertain. She did great doing her part,” Boom said of Angel Jones.

Kulay career skyrocketed while touring Europe. They performed in UK and other European countries. Their track hit the Billboard Charts. They had television shows, commercials, and became the face of Pepsi.

Angel Jones often gets mistaken for being the hot sister of her famous son Tony Labrusca. 

In an interview with ABS-CBN Lifestyle

"My son is 21 and so a lot of times when younger boys hit on me, he hates it. I'm like, 'I can't control it. What can I do?' I love compliments. Bring them on. You know what, I work hard, I deserve a damn compliment."

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She also added

"I was 17—I was really young and at that age, it was cool to be a young mom. I was scared and I didn't know if I would be any good at it. Now, it's like I'm glad I had that early. I can enjoy them longer... I work out with my kids; sometimes. we go to certain events together, we travel together and that's pretty cool!"

Angel Jones sure is one proud mother to son Tony Labrusca whose performance in the hit series La Luna Sangre has been praised by viewers. Angel remarked that she did not expect that Tony would grow as an actor in such a short period of time.

“Ever since he was little, I knew that he was a magical boy. I just feel super proud of him. I knew he’d make it but I just didn’t know it would be this fast. To see it happening so fast is pretty amazing and to see ‘yung character niya,” she said.

“It’s funny because ever since he was little, he always felt that he was a Tekken (a video game) fighter. He was jumping around, gymnastics, as in magulo siya as a little boy so it is nice to see that he’s playing the characters he’s always dreamed of when he was a kid so that makes me feel happy for him,”

The former Kulay band member supports her son every step of the way on his journey in the entertainment industry. She relayed that she helps her son look on the bright side when things get rough.

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