Pinoy Celebrities Who Uses Their Fame For Greater Good.

Pinoy Celebrities Who Uses Their Fame For Greater Good.

Recently, we celebrate International Women's day and gave honor to those empowered women all over the world.

Many female celebrities use their fame for their advocacies and helping awareness on some important issues.

Here are some celebrities and their advocacies

Anne Curtis, has been a UNICEF celebrity advocate for children since 2014.

In 2017, Anne launched the Dream Machine

There is a problem in the Philippines that nobody seems to be talking about: dream shaming. This is the discouraging of a person’s dream because of their ethnicity, looks, economic status, skills, or anything they have no control over. Founded by Anne Curtis-Smith, the Dream Machine is a platform that stands both as a voice against dream shaming and as an enabler to make dreams come true. The Dream Machine welcomes dreams under three advocacies: youth, education and empowerment.

Angel Locsin, recently Angel stood by her advocacy when she stop the performance of the contestant in PGT. Angel works with Gabriela for promoting women's and children's rights.

She also served Philippine Red Cross ambassador.

Iza Calzado has co-founded She Talks Asia, a women empowerment forum, it is dedicated to raise awareness on women's issues.

This 2018, the group launched The Body Love Revolution, aimed to celebrate each one’s unique bodies, imperfections included.

Heart Evangelista besides her love for animals and her advocacy to "adopt, don't shop" she also support Thalassemia, a single-gene disorder that necessitates patients to have monthly blood transfusions in order to survive.

Karylle supports Chil Haus Manila, cancer patients foundation.

Bianca Gonzalez-Intal used her fame and voice to empower youth, push for education and responsible use of social media.

She is also part of UNICEF Special Advocate for children.

Daphne OseƱa Paez, UNICEF Special Advocate for Children

“I know a lot of people recognize UNICEF’s valuable work in children’s rights, but few realize that UNICEF relies entirely on voluntary contributions to support its work on the ground. I’ve helped them educate moms all over the country on maternal health, mortality and breastfeeding. This time, I want to help UNICEF raise awareness and funds for all their other goals: providing children with health care, access to safe water and sanitation, education, and protection from violence, abuse and exploitation,”

Kathyrn Bernardo, in 2016 she became the ambassador of Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation (NCF), a non-profit organization dedicated to sponsoring comprehensive cleft and craniofacial treatment fo less-fortunate Filipinos.

She also a member of Cara Welfare Philippines. Last year she became the ambassador for Cybersmile Foundation, organization committed to fight cyberbullying.

KC Concepcion she has been the United Nations World food Programme Ambassadr Against Hunger since 2008

Carla Abellana supported many of the PAWS (Philippine Animal Welfare Society) fundraising and promoting Doctor Dog.

Marian Rivera, in 2014 she became a Smile Train Ambassador, awareness about the free cleft lip and palate repair surgery to children.

Jasmine Curtis-Smith, she has been an ambassador of World Vision Philippines. She sponsor 5 children.

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